Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Random and Molly Anne 2 Month Stats

1.  Molly Anne finally had her two month check up yesterday.  She weighs 12 pounds, 9.2 ounces and is 23.75" long. Both are 75th percentile. Overall she is perfect but we are going to take her to physical therapy to help strengthen her neck muscles in an effort to get rid of some flatness on the right side of her head. Evidently this is common and I'm glad it is fixable. We will work with her every day doing exercises during each diaper change.  Otherwise, she's in good health.  The shots were not fun but she survived.  Tylenol helped when we got home!  Doc is pleased with her sleeping (11 hours last night!) and is ok with 2-3 45 minute naps during the day.  All good.  

2.  Do you all print your pictures from mpix.com?  I think they are the best quality for printing pictures yourself. Anyway I found they have an app so a couple of days ago I downloaded it and then clicked on a bunch of pictures on my phone to have them printed. They're on their way to me now.  They store your credit card info too so not much typing to order.  So easy. 

3.  Salads - when mom was here right after Molly Anne was born, she got me hooked on these salads that are premade but in the lettuce section of your grocery store. They have different kinds - Asian, southwestern, BBQ ranch etc. They come with the dressing includes so literally all you have to do is pour it all in a bowl and stir. Each salad is four servings roughly. Plus you can't taste exact veggies so if you discard the bag before your husband comes home, he will never know he's eating kale or cabbage...not that I've ever done this ;).

4.  Last night I had a "work" dinner with an old client who was in town.  We had the best meal at Dogwood.  The trout was amazing. We had drinks at Selwyn afterwards.  I'm a bit strugs today after not getting in until midnight!  Ha!

5.  Today Molly Anne is going to her nanny's house for a trial run.  She's going to keep her for a few hours to make the transition to my first day back easier.   Ahh I cannot believe maternity leave is almost over.  I should do a post on my thoughts on going back to work. 

That's it for today.  My parents fly in tomorrow to watch their girl so Kevin and I can attend a thing tomorrow night and wedding Saturday night. 


  1. Not sure I've ever commented, but I've read your blog for a while now :) I will seriously be praying for your transition back to work. I'm a working momma; my little girl is 13 months now, and I remember the emotions when going back to work. In fact, I often feel very compelled to support other working moms, because you will soon learn (by no fault of their own) SAHMs, cannot fathom the emotional struggle of working a 40 hour work week away from their babies.

    Just remember that hormones and lack of sleep are evil, and if you just hang in there, it will get easier and easier... and (dare I say it) it may prove to be beneficial for you and your baby to grow and give you the chance to be YOU again, even if it is for just 8 hours a day :)

    Best wishes!

  2. We ate at Dogwood a few months ago and really enjoyed it!! Really good food!!

    And Mpix! I use shutterfly or walgreens for my project life books because they're cheaper, but I really do love mpix for quality prints that we hang in the home! Especially big pictures!! I didn't know they had an app. I need to download.

  3. So exciting that your parents are flying in! Those salads sound amazing. I can never get my husband to eat any vegetables besides broccoli and asparagus, so I might have to try your trick! Also, I hope the trial run with the nanny goes well. I'm sure Molly Anne will adjust beautifully!

  4. Hope the nanny goes well! She seems very well adjusted and I am sure it will go great!

  5. She is such a good sleeper! I need to look for those salads, sound delicious. I volunteer at Cincinnati Childrens in the OT department. They see quite a few patients with MA's dx and they all do very well. I'm sure she will do great! Nice you get to see your parents again so soon. I am headed west to see my girls & families tomorrow - can't wait!