Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 20 Pregnancy Journal

How far along? 20 weeks.  Everyone says this is halfway but to me I've only known for 3 months and I have 5 to go.  I'll count 24 weeks halfway!  

Size of Baby: Banana - 10" long and 10.5 ounces

Gender: We're excited to not be finding out!  Navy and gray will be our nursery with pops of color after he/she is born!  I see on the poll on the side, 60% of yall think boy!!  Funny!

Weight Gain:  None.  

Maternity Clothes: No!

Nursery:  We have collected lots of cute things from our family and friends that are taking over Mills' room/my craft room.  I'm getting antsy to move the treadclimber out of the nursery and get on with placing things where they belong. 

Movement: Not yet.

Symptoms:  Nothing new. Headaches are def better.  Rib pain, not so much but nothing I can do about it.  Doc said at 20 weeks I have to start sleeping on my left or right side (she told me it doesn't matter despite what I've read) so I've been trying to start doing this early.  I never have a problem falling asleep on my side but staying there is something else.  I've been waking up a lot more being paranoid that I'm not on my side, which I'm usually not.  I always wake up on my back.  I've tried pillows but it doesn't work. 

Sleep: Good...slept through the nights this week!

Cravings:  Nothing really....a couple days this week I forgot I was pregnant which was odd. It must have been because I wasn't sitting in one spot for more than an hour in Florida!

What I Miss:  A gin and tonic would have been nice in Florida but I survived!

Best Moment This Week:  Being with just Kevin and talking about what's going down in 5 months.   It was a good three nights together to not worry about work or anyone else..  Well kinda not about work but ya know!  Also some of my girls told me when they are planning to have a shower for us!  Excited!!

Looking Forward To:  A chill weekend and pulling more ideas together.  We are working on a lot of house projects that we are getting really excited about. 


  1. You should get a Bumpnest pillow everyone raves about!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Isn't that so funny?! I still kinda forget I'm pregnant sometimes, which is so bizarre because we are only 6 weeks away. Love reading your updates and am so excited for you! xo

  3. Yay for sort of halfway! I'm right there with you about sleeping on my side, who knew it would be so hard?

  4. Congratulations on making it to 20 weeks. My first trimesters were always the hardest. And I hear you on the "halfway" point. I am at 28 weeks and find it very disheartening even though I am 7 months pregnant, to have 3 more to go!