Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday SIL

Today I'd like to wish my crazy sister in law a very happy birthday!  There are a lot of things about Emily that I love but here are just a few - 

1.  She was responsible for one of my favorite moments during our wedding weekend - we were all getting drinks ready to head to the church and she opened a bottle of tonic and it went all over her dress.  It was SO funny and of course the hair dryer cured that situation.  Just a lil sticky.  She went with it!

2.  She puts up with my brother.  Most importantly, she's the best mama to my two lil nieces.  She is one of the Mom's that I hope to be like and one I watch how she is with the girls because I want to be just like her.  She's a cool mom but those girls are well behaved, generous and sweet.

3.  I knew I was going to like her when my brother introduced her to us.  Within 6 months of them meeting, he told us at Christmas he was going to sell his boat and buy a ring.  When we heard that, we knew she was THE one!  6 months later they were married.  And 6 months after that we got the phone call that she was pregnant with Anna Kate! 

So, Happy Birthday to Emily!!!!  Love ya DSIL! 


  1. Such a sweet post! She sounds perfect for your brother and family!

  2. Love that he sold something he loved for someone he loves!