Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Few Questions Answered

I always want to reply to your emails but I can't unless you use this tutorial - it's super easy.  OR unless you leave me your email address in your comment.  Otherwise, I have no way to answer your questions!

Here are a few questions from lately:

1.  Allison - yes, the PB Henley rug is super soft and I had been looking for the same thing - a neutral rug that wasn't rough.  I highly recommend!

2.  Katie - the rug in our living room we got at an auction that was locally held in Charlotte.  I think the auction travels so maybe they'll come to your city?  Google - World of Decor auctions!

3.  Alayna - I usually always use my iPhone for pictures.  Kevin got me a new camera for Christmas but it's too convenient to pull out my phone!  I'm a stickler for backing up my phone too so I never lose a single photo!


  1. I love using my phone for pictures too. Someday, I think I'd like a "real" camera, though!

  2. I wish everyone had it so you could respond to their comments via email! Makes is easy and more personal!