Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 22 Pregnancy Journal

How far along? 22 weeks

Size of Baby: Spaghetti Squash - almost a pound and 11"

Gender: Not finding out!  We are getting somewhat close on names but Kevin is dead set on using one that I am not the biggest fan of.  I've basically started referring to who I think is a "her" as her name.  Kevin still thinks it's a boy.  Ha!

Weight Gain:  Zero.  I'm not complaining at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet

Nursery:  Need to get Kevin's treadclimber out of know the thing we bought and put in the nursery about 4 hours prior to finding out I was pregnant.  

Movement: Yes!  It's so crazy...feels like little flutters and I can only feel it when I'm super still and usually laying in bed. 

Symptoms:  Rib pain blah.  On Sunday I had a sharp pain on my right side that the on call nurse thinks was a muscle strain from lifting too much.  I got scolded for doing that by she and Kevin.  

Sleep: Good and a lot of it is necessary!

Cravings:  I bought a bag of robin eggs (the whopper kind) for bunco in a couple of weeks and one bag for us.  Well the bag for us is pretty much gone.  That's pretty embarrassing but I think it's because I didn't have any for the last two years so I'm making up for lost time on my favorite candy ever.

What I Miss:  Last Saturday night I REALLY wanted to have some beverages.  It was probably only the second time I've felt like that since early November so I'm not going to be hard on myself for wanting to partake.

Best Moment This Week:  One of my friends told me she is expecting in late August so that's super fun.  Now I have two close friends that will have babies right after us!  

Looking Forward To:  I have my 22 week appointment tomorrow which I expect to be pretty routine.  Still, I look forward to hearing the heartbeat and getting the every four week reassurance.  


  1. I've been reading along but I don't think I have told you congratulations yet! That is too funny y'all JUST bought the tread climber. Maybe it will still come in handy post pregnancy!

  2. We bought our weekend car about two months before I found out I was expecting :) Funny how that happens... I'm so happy you are feeling movement now, enjoy it while it's still the teeny flutters!

    PS, I'm also mentally referring to your baby by a certain name!

  3. So exciting to have pregnant friends! Bryce and I are both only children, so our kids won't have any cousins. When the time comes for us I guess we will just have to force our friends to get pregnant too, to make up for it, haha!

  4. That's pretty hilarious about the tread climber!!

  5. Yay for feeling baby move! It's the craziest feeling, right? I have intentionally not bought any Easter candy yet because I know I'll blow through it. I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out though. ;)