Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday - Girls Night, Ice and Rug

ONE - we had a girl's night last Thursday at Farenheit in uptown Charlotte.  Here are the last ladies there that night as we waited for the valet guys to bring our cars around.  Me, Kathryn, Emily and Lauren

TWO - we had a lot of ice on Monday night so I worked from home on Tuesday.  It looks like snow but it's a 0.4' layer of ice.  Mills had a field day out there was so funny watching him run around.

THREE - we finally got the rug from PB and this new one doesn't have a stain on it and a crease in it that isn't supposed to be there.  Pottery Barn's usual amazing customer service made it right and had one shipped to us instead of making us bring it back (we don't have a car big enough).  This rug is pretty but wasn't big enough or dressy enough...

So this is the new rug and we also took one leaf out of the table.  Next up to buy for this room is a china cabinet on that left wall.  

FOUR - We are getting close to finalizing our bathroom selections on the tile.  A co-worker gave me a couple new ideas that we may add to customize the shower a bit more.  Body sprays and a linear drain.

FIVE - Lately our evenings have consisted of me in the chair in our den working and Kevin sitting in our bedroom working.  Very exciting right?  Even when we were in Florida, we both sat in the hotel room and worked for a couple hours.  Work hard now, play later?!  

Cheers to the weekend!  We have couples bunco tomorrow night which is always complete chaos.  It should be even funnier watching it from a sober perspective! ;) 


  1. We've had a few weeks of More Work Than Usual. J's been coming home at 9 pm earliest and it's just nonstop for us both (I have a better ability to work form home than he does). Looking forward to a break soon!!

  2. You look so cute in that first pic! And yea, get the work in now during the boring months!!

  3. Love the new rug! Can't wait to see your bathroom transformation.