Monday, February 23, 2015

Couples Bunco

Friday night I left work pretty late so I just stopped on my way home and picked up chinese.  Is there anything better than take out chinese on a cold Friday night?

Saturday I was pretty busy while Kevin worked...Flywheel that morning then errands.  I organized a bunch of stuff upstairs and got our decorations put into big bins and into our attic.  Since we are making the room upstairs a bedroom, we've been working on organizing that closet up there so there's room for guest's clothes.  

That evening I made crab dip and we headed over to our neighborhood clubhouse for our annual couples bunco night.  This was the first year at the clubhouse because we had too many couples for it to be at someone's house.  We do this fun night every February and invite the guys.  This year we played Left Right Center instead and it was complete chaos.  

And we had two tables of LRC.  The first round, we all played next to our spouses.  The next round we split up from our spouses and couldn't be at the same table.  Wouldn't you all know that I won for the first time and about 30 seconds later, Kevin won at his table?  I have never won before so this was extra exciting and for Kevin to win too?  It was crazy!  

It was fun being the only sober person there.  Hahaha!

We came home with $78 in ones and we went with $24 in ones.  I'd say it was a successful night.  By the way everyone was screaming in that room over winning $39 at a table, you'd think we had won millions haha.  

It was a fun night and one of my favorite things I heard from one of the girls was that Kevin was going to be sick the next day because she thought he was super drunk.  Well in reality, no, that's just Kevin and he hadn't drank much at all.  He was his usual self being hilarious and we all had a blast!

Yesterday we didn't do much but we did make our twice annual trip to Wal-Mart.  I got some more organizing done, Kevin worked from home and we had "dunch" out at Bad Daddy's instead of cooking.  

Successful weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fun Friday! Ooh I love crab dip, you'll have to share your recipe :)

  2. $78 in ones? You should really use them all the singles somewhere at once and watch the cashiers reaction!

  3. Chinese food and a giant game night with friends??? That's about my all time favorite!

  4. Such a fun night and sounds like a great group of people. Yay for the winning couple!

  5. What a fun group of friends! Coming home with extra cash is not a bad way to spend your night. :)

  6. Oh my gosh...couple's bunco/left-front-center sounds SO fun! LOVE your Elsa, that is one of my fave prints! Bryce got me a dress in it, however, it's not my favorite fit and I wish I had opted for an Elsa instead!