Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

Friday night we went to Kabutos for dinner.  It's one of our favorite spots so that was fun to do after a long week.

Saturday we hosted a few folks for a last minute Valentines Dinner.  I fixed a quick cheese plate - the top right is the Italian Truffle Cheese - is anyone as obsessed as I am?  I got this from Trader Joes.

Lauren & Andrew, Kathryn & Justin and Benjy.  We had steaks, PW's Twice Baked Potatoes and Asparagus.  The guys grilled the steaks and I just popped the potatoes in to warm and asparagus in to roast.  Making the potatoes ahead of time was essential since it took approximately 5 hours haha.  Not really but it felt like it!

Kathryn made chocolate covered strawberries and the tastiest pie.  It was a graham cracker crust, 8 oz. cream cheese mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of milk with 1 cup of cool whip folded in...layer this on the bottom.  Then mix instant chocolate pudding (follow directions on the box), let it set and then pour as the next layer.  Then smooth about 1 cup or so of cool whip on top.  Refrigerate and serve!

Kevin took this picture when I wasn't looking.  This was basically how the dinner went...we were all cracking up at Benjy's stories the entire time.  He's a hoot.  

Mills stayed up late with us...kinda!

Yesterday we went and looked at mattresses for the guest room upstairs.  I think we may get one soon.  That was about it for the days events.  I did A LOT of laundry (towels, sheets, down comforters etc) and watched The Bachelor last night.  

Back to the grind today.  Traffic was non-existent because of President's Day which was SO nice.


  1. Looks to me like the best cheese plate ever. Now I'm dying to try that truffle cheese!!! xx

  2. I love how Mills just makes himself at home with everyone. Heart Brie??? That is the best!

  3. Such a cute dinner party, well done for being so social. I need to try those twice baked potatoes. We watch the Bachelor last night too, this season is crazy, right?????

  4. Yum on that cheese plate! Delish menu too. Love the dinner party idea!

  5. I love truffle cheese and will definitely be getting this! Thanks for the tip!

  6. YUM! That cheese is making me hungry! And I want a twice baked potato for dinner now :)

  7. What a great weekend! I love the heart-shaped brie!

  8. I am absolutely dying for a chocolate dripped strawberry now that I've seen your picture. omg.