Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday - Kevin Award, Lunch Club, Eye Shadows

1.  Bragging on Kevin - he won a big award from his company and he received it this week at their annual kickoff.  So proud of him!  I wanted to be there to watch him receive it but it's an internal kickoff only.  

2.  I've so enjoyed our lil monthly lunch club that gets together in Southpark.  Lauren got cut out of this picture by accident!  It's the best interruption during work for all of us and good to compare stories.  We're all in the same stage of life.  L to R - Sarah, April, Me, Lauren

3.  My favorite neutral eye shadows - L to R - NARS Himalia, NARS Dione and Clinique Strawberry Fudge.  The Himalia works best with brown and taupe tones.  Dione is more gray/black tones.  The strawberry fudge looks really pink but it's actually more of an every day and goes with black or brown.  I'm no makeup artist but thought I'd share a few neutrals.  I like visiting Nicole over at the Nordstrom Southpark makeup area.  She has such a natural look which is always my preference.

4.  Kevin and I decided not to get each other anything for Valentines Day.  I kinda decided we should get something for our house - like a chair or something but he has different ideas...aka nothing.  We'll see how it shakes out over the next week haha.  This is love!

5.  I got fabric to cover our currently gross and ugly dining room and breakfast table chairs and I need to figure out how to do it.  I hear it involves a staple gun which I will need to get.  Any tips?  I'm the least crafty and design-y person ever but I hope to figure this out.  The left one is for the dining room chairs and the blue is for the breakfast table chairs.  The white and gold at the top is a table runner from Target ;)

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Katie is hopefully still going to help me do my chairs once I get the fabric - I'm sure if you asked her she'd help with yours too!!!

  2. I desperately need to recover my dining room chairs as well. I already have the fabric, so now all I am waiting on is to hear how you do it! xoxo

  3. Love the fabric! I've always wanted to recover chairs, but I'm afraid. Congratulations to Kevin!

  4. I love your fabrics! We have recovered just the cushions on some dining room chairs and it was really easy. Definitely get a staple gun. Love the eye shadow tips as well.

  5. I use and love the Strawberry Fudge eyeshadow EVERYDAY!
    The makeup artist used it on me about 10 years ago when she did my makeup for my little sisters wedding and I have been hooked ever since!! It is my "go to" about 99% of the time!) LOVE this!

  6. My Mom always recovers my dining chairs for me. My biggest take aways were to center the pattern on the chair first, staple three sides first then the 4th side last to make sure it is very tight (it will loosen with use), and take a lot of care on the corners - folding, etc - to make them look good and uniform.

  7. I recovered our dining room table chairs and they are surprisingly pretty easy! I removed the old fabric and used that as a template for cutting the new fabric. I don't remember exactly how my husband stapled the fabric, but he made sure to pull it tight and get the corners folded correctly and tight! Hope this very vague description is somewhat helpful! haha