Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rest of Kevin's Birthday

We got back to Charlotte at midday yesterday and picked Mills up. I ran and got Kevin a cake then we got ready for dinner with his parents, brother, SIL and niece at 131 Main, one of Kevin's favorites!

We came back to our house so he could open presents and have cake. 

I gave him golf lessons with a local pro near our house. He's been wanting to learn golf for the longest time and when I struggled to think of a good 40th birthday gift, my Dad mentioned this and I thought it was perfect.  It's a lifelong skill and game he could always remember was for his 40th.  He's really looking forward to getting out there.  

My parents gave him golf shoes and also a Cross pen with his initials on it for a nice momento of 40!

His parents gave him a dart board and he's excited to add that to his man cave! His bro and SIL gave him an iTunes card, something he will use by the weekend probably ha!

I think he had a great birthday and we are looking forward to a big year!   


  1. That cake looks so delicious!!!! Happy Birthday to Kevin!

    Cross pen with initials is a great idea. Putting it on my future present for RJ list...

  2. Golf lessons are such a great idea! My husband loves golfing, and I agree that it's something you can always enjoy!

  3. That chocolate cake looks too good! And you look barely pregnant! Are you showing yet?
    Ally - Life as I know it

  4. Golf lessons are such a great idea for a birthday present! I might have to steal that one in the future for Ryan. And that cake looks amazing.