Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Pinteresting Fun Ideas

I'm like any other bride.  I want our wedding to be different.  I don't want to do everything like everyone else.  There are minor touches along the way that I hope you'll notice this.  :)

For now, I've been saving ideas on Pinterest that I may or may not end up doing.  Can't ruin surprises!

The only children at our wedding weekend will be in the wedding party/our nieces and nephews (only a few).  It was important to me to have our wedding baby/children free for many reasons but here are some - 1.  Our reception will end late at night - they should be in bed.  2.  Our reception venue is not a place for children.  3.  I want my friends to have fun just like we all did 3, 4, or 5 years ago at their wedding when children weren't in the picture.  4.  I'm not interested in crying babies at our ceremony.  5.  At the end of the day, it just isn't a place for children.  (Sorry if these are blunt, I'm just being honest!  Did you all feel the same way for your wedding?) 

But I do want to have our family children there for as much of it as they are up for.  That's important to me.  So, I want to have something fun for them to do.....and my secrets stop there.  Because some of their Mama's read this blog.  ;) 

The sunglasses below are too cute.  I think I may have to get some el cheapo ones for my ladies to wear for a picture.  I also dream of having them wear their cowboy boots for another picture.  How fun would that be?!  Elegance and country all at the same time!

Also in the top right picture (below) you'll see there are little tags on the dresses.  How many weddings have you been in where you don't know which bridesmaid dress is yours because they're all hanging in the same closet?  My friend Christina introduced me to this concept!  Genius. 

The Mrs. hanger in the middle below.  I know this isn't a new concept but I just think it's super fun.  I've already had one made from Etsy.  I keep telling Kevin's Mom that it is hers!  It just doesn't seem real that the name will also be mine on that day!

And I just think this idea is super cute and easy to do.  I may have to do this for Christmas 2013!  Slice an extra invitation and put it all into a clear ornament. 

Tell me any unique ideas that you did at your wedding or for your bridesmaids! 


  1. Bachelorette comment sorry :) Oriental Trading is primo for cheap stuff in bulk. I planned on bachelorette and I got the whole group of us huge plastic diamond rings.. but the tops hinged off so you could drink shots out of them. We ended up just taking smaller sips/drinks of champagne out of them but they were *ADORABLE*.

  2. I did a coloring book for the few children we had at our wedding -- they were all involved in the wedding or they were siblings. I agree with all your 1-5 reasons as to why children won't be showing up in droves on your special day! For my bridesmaids, I did a dress bag with their monogram embroidered. That way, they could use it for other things but also on the day of to keep the dress separated and safe from spills! I did a lot of other unique things...but too much to list! Happy planning - I LOVE the ornament idea!

  3. I have a wedding invite saved to make that ornament this next year. I saw it on a blog and thought it was genius.
    We didn't have any kids in our wedding or at our wedding.
    I wanted our niece and nephew there but my SIL didn't feel like dealing with them so flew her Mom is to take care of them. It would have been nice to have them in pictures.
    Sounds selfish I know -- but I had a friend tell me not to have any kids in our wedding b/c it ends up taking all the attention off the bride b/c the kids don't know what they're suppose to be doing, etc.

    My cousin is getting married in November.
    Guess how many kids she's having in hers??
    8!!! Redic

  4. We also did no children/babies at our wedding minus our niece and nephew. I'm happy with the decision, although I did have that moment of panic after sending the invitations, hoping that some of my friends with new babies wouldn't feel shunned. I talked to some personally, and turns out, they would have come baby-less anyway -- they needed a mommy/daddy crazy night out! :)

    I loved adding some special touches to our wedding - for example, we skipped out on the traditional favor table but our guests did leave with photobooth strips and koozies from the bar areas.

    My niece, the flowergirl, loves pirates (thanks to her ECU-loving Uncle Ian) so I hot-glued a wooden painted pirate to the bottom of her basket and told her there was a surprise at the bottom that she could only see once she had tossed out all of the rose petals.

  5. Love these idea!!! Yes oriental trading would be the place for cheapo sunnies!! I agree with your no kids at the wedding. Love hearing about your wedding planning!

  6. We didn't want children at our wedding or reception either, but there are lots of kids in my immediate family. Rather than specifically not inviting them [which is what I wanted to do], we kind of worked around it. We got married in a city about 1.5 hours where most of the kids live [this is the city where we wanted to get married regardless], our ceremony started at 7 pm and our reception was at a resort. We did not offer a babysitter. We just did what we wanted and didn't really try to accommodate.

  7. We generally followed the same rule regarding children-we had a few in our wedding and a few from our family-probably less than 10-12 total that we're actually invited. However, we did have 3 babies crash the wedding. We made it clear without being rude, that it was an adults only event, but it happened anyway. To be honest, it wasn't tha big of a deal-except one girl rolled her stroller into the church! Just know that you may have a few extras no matter how hard you try and trust that it'll still be perfect anyway!

    I gve my girls personalized boat and totes and collected little things along the way to put in them. I had their jewelry made and gave them jewelry rolls I found at furniture market as well as little raw silk purses that matched their dresses that would fit a few small necessities. I included flip flops for comfort when they're feet hurt, water bottles, and some other odds and ends. I love the monogrammed garment bag idea.

  8. Love the booklet idea! In Portuguese culture, children are always present at weddings so I'd be okay with them at mine. But I totally see your point, I have been to so many weddings where parents aren't watching their children and they are running all over the place! I've always thought about maybe some sort of having a playroom for children with a few sitters. No one wants a baby crying during their vows!