Thursday, June 7, 2012

Final Miami Recap!

Friday in Miami proved to be an adventure.  Kevin wasn't feeling good at all and we got in a cab and went to the Miami Beach ER.  Needless to say, we laid pretty low the rest of the trip.  He's feeling a little better now after another ER trip when we finally got back to Charlotte (boy was that a long flight home on Sunday!).  He's had multiple doctor appointments this week so we're getting him straightened out.  Scary!

Friday night we were supposed to have a pool party but it rained so they moved it inside -- as well as you can move a pool party inside.  Fresh sushi (anything you wanted), the largest bowls of paella I've ever seen in my life which had lobster & mussels among other things, fish tacos, fancy salads in a clear ball that you shook to mix the dressing in and all kinds of other stuff.  Insane.       

They had a beach music/reggae type band who were great.  Of course I wore my Lilly but it looked a little out of place in a ballroom.  It would have been better at the pool, but oh well! ;)

Saturday we went to the beach and pool for a few hours and I slathered Kevin and I both in sunscreen.  The Miami sun is no joke as I was toasty on Thursday after only 1.5 hours. 

That evening, we loaded up the buses and they took us to a marina where we boarded different boats by which region you were in.  This is great because we end up getting to know the Southeast Region folks the best anyway.  So we got to spend lots of time with them.   

Below is one of the other boats.  Southeast supposively had the best and biggest boat!  So we hear. 

Cocktail hour was on the top of each boat, with a DJ on each one of course.  Appetizers were served then we started cruising.  Dinner was filet and salmon.  Delish.  Then dancing on the rooftop ensued and it was so much fun.  We loved looking at all of the fancy homes and sometimes their larger boat (than their home!). 

Kevin and his buddy Justin who is also an agent.

Some of the ladies...

The group.  Chaos my friends, chaos. 

Stacey and I.  Love her!

This is a terrible picture of the boat.  Floridian Princess

Skyline of downtown Miami.

Sunday we headed back and we were so thankful to be back in Charlotte.  We had such a fun trip and felt so lucky that we were able to experience such a magnificant vacation!


  1. Hope your hubby is on the mend! After looking through your pics, I'm craving paella and a beach vacation!

  2. I've loved your updates! I hate that Kevin was feeling so badly, but hopefully the appointments this week will help. I can't believe that spread for the "pool" party ... I think I could take down a large bowl of that paella right this very minute!

  3. Yes, hoping Kevin is feeling better and the doctors were able to help.
    Allstate doesn't mess around - straight up FIRST CLASS!

  4. What a trip! Top notch all the way. Hope Kevin feels better soon.

  5. This looks like SUCH a fun trip! And you're right, Miami heat is definitely no joke!! Love your dresses!