Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kenny and Tim Concert - Brothers of the Sun

This post is picture heavy but I just quickly went through my pictures and picked these.

Our friend Kim got a few parking spots very close to the stadium and across from where the Corona concert was going on all afternoon before the main event.  It was the perfect spot.  It even had nice porta potties one block away that we each paid $3 for to use per time.  TOTALLY worth it.  They were the nice ones with air conditioning, a flushing toilet and a sink to wash your hands.  And they were clean.  Genius. 

Back to the tailgate.  Most of us were struggling from the night before but we still hung!

Dusty sporting his concert gear haha.  He needed his wife there for sure! :)

Kelly and Tara tailgating.

The ladies....

Kevin walked with his brother and sister in law over to the stadium.  They didn't come tailgate with us.  Kev ended up coming into the concert for like 5 minutes and really didn't feel like himself so he walked back home.  :(  He felt better once he got there so it was worth it. 

Britt and Joe (kevin's brother and sister in law)

Helloooooo Tim!

Yes, you can wear all white any day of the week you want.

Faith did well.  Although my Dad would say Tim did VERY well!  He loves Faith.

Kelly and I -

Kelly and Brett came from Raleigh for the concert.  We've been to so many Kenny shows together ha!

There's ole Kenny.

Took this lil chair across the crowd to the stage.  That was nice.

Tim came back out to join Kenny for a few songs.  Between the two of them, I liked Tim better.  He's just so passionate about his music and you can tell he means every lyric.  He was also awesome about talking to all of the fans and signing things.  Kenny, not so much.

They were funny together.  You can tell they're good friends and having a blast out there!

It was a long day - tailgating at noon, concert starting with Jake Owen and Grace Potter at 4:30 and the whole thing ending close to 11pm.  But super fun!  Love country concerts in the south!  And it being in the Panthers stadium added a whole other dynamic which was awesome too!  Highly recommend seeing this concert if they are coming near you this year!


  1. Wish we had gotten tickets! Concert of a lifetime!

    PS When did Tim become such a suntanned god?

  2. Tim is a TOTAL HOTTIE! remember, we saw him last Summer and Brad shook his hand :)
    I would have loved to go to the show but Brad wasn't up for it ;(
    Looks like a blast!

  3. I think they are good friends too. My friends who went to the concert with me said they don't like each other and it's all an act! I disagreed.