Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Introducing Bridesmaids

Most of my girls already know each other or at least have heard about the others for so long, they feel like they do. 

Last night my Matron of Honor, Kelly, was coming into town from Raleigh for work so I asked my in-town bridesmaids if they were free and we had an impromptu ladies night out.
L to R - Lauren, Tara, Kim, Me, Kelly

I have pretty friends!  And clearly they are all taller than me ha!

We went back to Dandelion because we had the best time there last week with the $15 bottles of wine and tapas!

It was fabulous to have all of my fav ladies together to discuss things and have them put me in my place about wedding activities.  I just feel badly them throwing these events.  I know I've done it or will do it for them but I feel so guilty them doing it for me.  Ahh, I know I need to get over it and just enjoy. 

Then we started stalking some of the other bridesmaids on FB so all 8 of them can eventually become friends!  Won't that make the next 9 months so much more fun if they all already basically know each other?

I believe all of my girls facebooked my sis-in-law Emily at the same time and I called her.  It was funny at the time or at least the wine made it be that funny!  Ha!

  Cheers to my girls!!!  Love y'all!


  1. Enjoy your time as a bride to be. Great idea to get your bridesmaids together when you can.

  2. What a great night!

    I, too, felt guilty about the showers, bachelorette, trips to the engagement party, etc. Especially because three of us got married within 7 months of each other, it was a nonstop party year! I fought it all for awhile, and had to keep telling myself the same thing you said - these are your best friends, and they want to give you an outpouring of love, just as you would or did do for them.

    Enjoy it, it goes by so fast!

  3. Looks SO fun! I coordinated a get-together for my bridesmaids last time I was home and it was so much fun! I only have one that lives in Charlotte and we see eachother all the time, but I can't wait to have her meet everyone else!

    See you tomorrow!!!

  4. I'm jealous that all your bridesmaids live close by. Mine were all over the country and only got together for my bachelorette and then wedding weekend! Looks like a fun group! xo

  5. How much fun! I'm glad ya'll were able to get together. And that Dandelion deal ... wow! Count me in!

  6. How fun! I feel the same way about feeling guilty about them planning things for me sometimes, so it's nice to be reminded they like doing it. ;)