Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miami Part 2 - The Gala

We all met in the hotel ballroom Thursday evening to get ready to load the buses for the Gala.  This was the big recognition night where awards were presented.  I should have added yesterday that this was a trip that Kevin won for working so hard last year.  Not everyone got to go to this -- only the top 5-8% of agents in the country.  He's special and most importantly loves what he does, what can I say?!

It was incredibly impressive how they got 1800 people to the Convention Center in about 15 minutes.  Unreal.  Check the menu out.  They served each person every single thing on here.

Then the show began with two contortionists performing....

Yes they were bendy.  They also had another dance group on stage. 

Then we had dinner and afterwards the special entertainment came out.  Gloria Estefan.  Yall know I rolled right up to the front of the stage.  She shook my hand!

She was very fun and full of energy!

We took our group picture with the folks we hang with at these events and thought the evening was over.

Then they came over the microphone and asked everyone to move to the next room into a Club type atmosphere.  They had these gals hanging from the ceiling pouring champagne.  There were homemade mojitos everywhere. 

These white couches were on both sides in the back.  So nice.


Then they had this little show of dancers come out.  Can you tell there was no detail overlooked?  Everything was top notch. 

Then the secret performer came out....

Lionel Richie my friends.  Can you believe that?!  We were all shocked. 

He was so great.  We partied on down and listened to him for a long time. 

Look how close we were.  It was amazing. 

They took us back to the hotel and we all hung out at the hotel bar afterwards.  They had hired a DJ and we all danced more!  Our friends that we met in New Orleans at the BCS game, Katie and Ross.  They're from just outside of LA.

She's 7 months pregnant and was a champ and hung out all night long!

We had the best time last Thursday evening!!

Can't wait to tell you all about the rest of the trip in one more post, then I promise the Miami recap will be done.  It was just too much fun not to post about and remember!


  1. Looks like an incredible time! What an experience!

    Love that dress on you, I have the same pattern in the strapless. Love it!!

  2. I'm still in shock that this was your weekend ... what a fantastic one for the books! Gloria Estefan and Lionel Ritchie -- you'll never forget that night.

  3. RIDONKULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favorite is Lionel or Gloria...it's the chick pouring champagne from the freaking ceiling!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, so cool! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  5. It looks like you had so much fun!!! What a great show and I love your dress!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! This sounds absolutely incredible! Gloria Estefan? Lionel Ritchie? Champagne poured from above? This sounds like the coolest night ever!!

  7. It's funny because you were tweeting pics of Gloria and another friend was FB-ing the same pics. Small world that I had another friend from my JL at the same weekend event w her hub.


  8. This looks like an AMAZING night…I love Lionel Richie! Did he sing Dancing on the Ceiling? xx