Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flowers and New Non Alcoholic Summer Drink

A few weeks ago, Kevin sent me some 'just because' flowers.  Let me set the tone.  He never sends me flowers and this is why.  1.  I've always told him not to because they are ridiculously expensive and eventually die.  I'd rather him pick some up at Trader Joe's on his way home (which he's done many times).  and 2.  I get seriously mortified if flowers arrive at work. 

But this time, it was super duper sweet.  It was after all of those ER visits and taking care of him. 

And who knew that Kevin knew about The Blossom Shop?!  I was shocked.  (It's a really nice Charlotte flower shop).  I hate the usual flower arrangements but this one was just perfect.  Came in a little round glass vase and had tulips, hydrangeas and a gerber daisy.  All favs!  Thanks again sweet Kev.  You know I'd take care of ya any day and I don't need flowers!  But much appreciated!

Last Sunday when we were at Kevin's parents for Father's Day, his Mama let me pick some of her beautiful hydrangeas and magnolia.  Aren't they both gorgeous?  The magnolia smelled phenomenal.  I put the hydrangeas on my bar and magnolia on my coffee table.  Spunked up my place for showings this week!  Thank you Mrs. G!

And lastly, I was thirsty last weekend for something other than my usual water.  I happened to have pineapple juice and OJ so I mixed them half and half then added in fresh strawberries that I had frozen.  SO good.

I had it again last night as a sweet treat after dinner.  I know juice isn't the best for you but it was fun for something different. 
I'm sure this drink is already called something else but I felt like it was a fun concoction and it was new to me, ha!  Was also thinking to add a splash of Sprite Zero too.  Hmmm!


  1. aww how sweet of him! Those flowers are gorgeous and so are the hydrangeas you picked!

  2. I'm like you when it comes to flowers. I would rather Brad spend the $$ on something more substantial but that was a nice gesture!! :-)
    That drink looks yummy. I've been craving fruit juice but haven't given in much b/c it is loaded in sugar.

  3. I'm like you on the flowers too. But I like to do two parts seltzer and one part juice and lots of ice for a sweet treat. So refreshing but adding the seltzer cuts out a lot of the carbs/sugars of drinking straight juice.


  4. Those flowers are gorgeous and I am making that drink right now! xo