Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday and Benny/Jackie's Wedding

On Friday night we went to dinner for Kevin's Mom's and Brother's birthday at Nakatos.  It was super tasty and those hibachi restaurants are fun because they certainly keep you entertained.  Needless to say, I went for a longer run on Saturday morning to make up for eating too much, ha.  And to make myself sweat since I was a terrible running buddy last week. 

I did lots of errands on Saturday then we got ready for Ben and Jackie's wedding.  Okay so I call him Benny and always have since Freshman year of college.  It was at The Palmer Building on 7th Street.  Pretty location but it was HOT for an outdoor ceremony.  I felt badly for all the guys in suits.  It was one of the quickest ceremonies we've ever been to.  Hey, at the end of the day, they were married whether it was 15 minutes or 45 minutes!

He was so happy, it was adorable.  They are the cutest couple.  Jackie is a school teacher and super sweet.  She's perfect for ole Benny!

Mike's wife wasn't able to come in from Montana so he pretended to be dates with another friend Brad.  It was pretty funny.  Mike is not right, well neither is Brad.  Let's just say they are quite entertaining individually but then put them together, chaos. 

Matt and Crystal.  I went to college with Matt too.  He and Benny were roommates and I met them in Fall of 2000 at NC State.

Kevin and I. ;)

These are my country boys and I.  I've always called them this because they're all from outside of Hickory.  To me being from Maryland, this was country.  Benny and Andy are cousins.  So are Matt and Mike.  And the four of them lived together in a townhouse near ours for most of college.  Anytime I had a headlight out or something wrong with my place, one of them came to fix it.  Seriously, the nicest guys.  Benny, Matt and I suffered through civil engineering together.  "We", I mean "I," did a lot of homeworks for us! ;)

The presch couple!  They're off to St. Lucia this week!

Kevin and I again...we had a big time.  Surprise there!

The party was wild.  The wedding was like 90% our age people.  SO fun!

The dance floor was never empty, obviously!

Good times!

Tomorrow I'll recap the Tim and Kenny concert!


  1. I love weddings where everyone is around our age! PARTY DOWN!

  2. Oh, love weddings. You look adorable as always. So fun!

  3. that wedding looks like so much fun!

    and i love the guys photo!