Monday, June 4, 2012

Miami Part 1

Last Wednesday we left for Miami. 

Kevin loves his Orvis luggage!

We were lucky enough to snag the ole free upgrade on the plane and we got to the Loews Resort in South Beach mid afternoon.  First stop - to the hospitality room for snacks and to pick out whatever pair of Maui Jim's we wanted.  Have a mentioned that I love Kevin's work trips?  Oh it gets better (as you all know from my teaser post last week)!

That afternoon we sat at the pool with some friends then Kevin and I headed to the beach to discuss a best and highest offer that we had to put on the home by end of business day.  And wouldn't you know it that I received two offers on my condo that very same day.  Crazy how that stuff works. 

Dinner that night was outstanding.  Yes we had to wear those terrible name tags the entire weekend to get into every event.  Kevin thought I needed my picture taken with "Shelly." 

They had about 8-10 of these whole groupers all around a massive ballroom along with any kind of meat you wanted, salads, unique cuban food.  Anything!  It was nuts. 

And check out the desserts.  They were all exquisite.  It was like this for every single meal.  Starbucks coffee any time you wanted.  Open bar at every event, top shelf everything.  Unbelievable.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast which was a crazy buffet and they had a different specialty station each morning (this time it was omelets, one day Cuban egg benedict - amazing, another day pancakes and waffles etc). 

It was sort of rainy out on Thursday so we walked down to The Delano hotel to check that out and also walked down Lincoln Road.  The Delano was gorgeous!  The Loews (where we stayed) is supposed to be pretty nice but it was just so so after staying in the St. Regis in Atlanta.  I know, I sound terrible but everyone else said the same thing.  I would have been happy with a Hampton Inn but you just get used to the way they do things and expect some crazy place each time!  Ha!

Check out the boxwoods...

We walked back to the hotel after a delicious lunch at Davids Cafe II.  Talk about a tasty cuban sandwich.  Whoa! 

But we had to get ready because the buses were starting to load at 5:30pm to take us to the Gala!!!  Yeah coach buses, to take us literally two blocks.  Police escort and all.  CRAZY!

I'll recap the Gala soon! 


  1. I think I love kevin's work trips also... Hahaha!!!! But seriously, how amazing is all of this!? Can't wait to read your ext post to continue seeing how the rich and famous live!

  2. Holy moly, what a work trip! I love the free Maui Jims - did you get to pick a pair too?

    Congrats on the offers on your condo -- very exciting. Also, we had to put in a "best and highest" on our home, too. I can definitely relate to how nerve-wracking that can be!

  3. That is quite the "work trip"! So awesome!!

  4. Oh my gosh, what an amazing work trip! I want to come next time haha!

  5. Seriously, you two get to live a life of style (if only for the weekend). So glad you had such an amazing time on the trip!

  6. What an awesome work trip! Sounds like you were treated like royalty! Glad you had a great time!!

  7. His work trips are just incredible!

    And good luck with the house you are putting offers on and your condo!

  8. Ohh the food looks and sounds amazing. So jealous.