Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend - Dinner, Raleigh, Pool

On Friday night, Kevin and I met his parents for dinner in south Charlotte.  Then we went to Yoforia for some yogurt and did some shopping in the area.  It was fun!  PS - where have I been - they have CUTE dresses at Steinmart!

On Saturday we drove to Raleigh for Kelly's 30th birthday!  The storms were insane - worst I've ever seen.  Ladies - we drove through them all....the whole way to Raleigh.  Literally the storms moved up I-85, in the same direction as our drive.  We left Charlotte at the worst possible time.  Had I known, we would have just stayed in Charlotte and followed the storms.  Once we got to Burlington and the hail was so crazy that I could only see a foot in front of my car, I figured it was time to give up.  I became a wimp and pulled off on an exit.  It was so scary.  We stayed there until the storms got to Raleigh then started that way again.  When we got to Raleigh, it was sunny. 

But yall - all these cars were pulled off on the side of the road.  Do not pull off on the side of the road if you're in a situation like that!!!!  It is SOOO dangerous to do that.  Get off on an exit so another car or tractor trailer does not hit you!

Anyway - I got to see my friend Beth and her new baby Reagan, aren't they precious?!!  (please excuse my appearance - I had run through torrential rain multiple times!)

Beth is soooo happy to be a Mama and she is absolutely smitten with lil Reagan.  Who wouldn't be?!  Girlfriend is adorable!

Beth's mom came up with this cute decoration in her nursery.  All the letters of the alphabet are around the room and then her name is spelled out.  Presch.

Kevin holding little Reagan.  She is 7 weeks old and 8.5 pounds. 

Cheryl and Reagan!

Then we went to Kelly's birthday party at the fancy bowling alley.  It was an upscale bowling place and super nice!  This is the happy family!

Isn't Kelly's birthday cake gorgeous?  It was layered inside and delish!

Kelly is 30!  This is she and her hubby Brett!

Me, Kelly, Suz

Kevin and I.  After the party, we drove back to Charlotte, getting home around 1:30am.  It was a quick trip to Raleigh (we ended up only being there for about 6 hours) but it was SO good to see everyone and celebrate Kelly!
Yesterday we got our acts together for the week and layed out by the pool with our friends and neighbors.  Finished it out with some kabobs on the grill with our favorite neighbors for dinner.

Hope yall had a fab weekend! 


Dee Stephens said...

I can't believe you drove through those storms! My rents live near Raleigh now and were at the Lowe's in Sanford Friday night! glad you're okay!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

we had storms here too-- in fact on saturday for about 30 minutes the emergency sirens were going off and we had to take cover in the bathroom! can't believe you drove through it, whew! looks like a fun weekend though..little reagan is so cute and that cake is gorgeous!

Suz said...

Awesome to see you Sat. Thanks for bringing the Lilly top too. Glad y'all were about to meet Reagan & gang out. Hope to see you in charlotte in a couple weeks.

CHH said...

It always looks like you're having so much fun! Does your friend's t-shirt say Ithaca? My husband went to school there.
Have a great day.

Emily said...

so glad you made it through to Raleigh ok!! i was working my shift at the wake med hospital in raleigh through everything and it was crazy! your friend's little girl is glad you got to see her!

Lexilooo said...

yikes, the storms sounded so awful!

love the letters in the nursery!