Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitchen and Laundry Products

Okay yall are going to think I'm weird.  But that's okay, I probably am.  I mean, aren't we all in our own little ways?

So I'm big on using the same products that my parents used growing up and it hasn't ever stopped.  I don't care what's on sale, I still buy the same things and stock up when I do see a good deal.

Dawn cuts grease like no other.  Period.

Cascade for the dishwasher and recently I started using the little packets - SO much easier than the below.

This is the biggest thing that I'm a stickler on....Bounty paper towels.  My friends, when I was in grade school and we had science fair, I did one of my projects on the absorbency of paper towels.  Bounty wins, no questions. 

Tide laundry detergent...essential.  Don't mess up a good thing!

Did you all ever feel like other people have a smell (like their laundry)?  You know what I'm talking about!  The Tide/Bounce combo is what I've always been used to and what I'll always use. 
And I had never met ANYONE that used this exact combo until I met.........Kevin.  How funny is that?!  Super random and I can't believe I'm even writing about something so tacky but it's hilarious!


Lyndsey said...

So funny! I use almost all the same products! I like the Green Apple Dawn. So yummy smelling! I have started using the dishwasher packets, too. Super easy, but I do still have the Cascade under the sink.
You gotta stick with what works--the oldies but goodies!

Mel said...

another great thing about Dawn....mix 1 cup into an empty gallon size milk jug, fill the rest with water--makes the best bubble mix ever! share that with Miss Anna Kate next time :)

Lexilooo said...

ha, that is too funny that he uses the same things!

Mrs. Werginz said...

That is great that y'all use the same brands! My husband loves the Bounce dryer sheets...memory from his childhood. Do you like the tablets for the dishwaher? I feel like the liquid is best but maybe I should try the tablets?!

DSS said...

I'm a Tide/Bounce girl!! Even when I was in college and didn't have much cash, I always HAD TO buy Tide and Bounce :)

I also use the heck out of some Comet. My mother used it to clean everything, and I can't seem to accept any other cleaner. Well, Pine Sol I suppose!

Dating is My Hobby said...

LOVE Dawn. I'm a Gain laundry detergent girl myself :)

Maryland Magnolia said...

I've always wondered if Bounty really was the most absorbent paper towel. I thought it was, but now I have confirmation :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

i also use dawn/tide and bounce!

i also agree with you about certain laundry smells and who they remind you of!

CHH said...

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Happy Earth Day!