Monday, October 9, 2023

A Good Weekend

We had originally semi planned to go to the beach this weekend but we honestly were like let's just stay here when it was 2pm on Friday. I love that we can do that and understand it's a luxury. Sometimes it's just nice to be home home. 

On Friday, Grady had a field trip to Hunter Farm. His first time on a school bus! 

After school we got to go to a friend's home and swim in his pool! 

That night we headed to our club for a quick and easy dinner. We chilled with Molly Anne that night after Grady fell asleep. She loves that extra parent time! 

I played tennis early Saturday then sports! Grady scored a goal again at his game! Whoop whoop! 

Molly Anne and I did a bunch of errands on Saturday afternoon. Again, she LOVES that one on one time. We went to a cute shop, Barnes and Noble, Michaels and Sephora. Of course Sips and Dips on the way home. She loved shopping. And especially for books and makeup and crafts. Her ideal day!!

And she got to share some crafts with friends when we got home. 

Then the four of us headed to Mexican food for dinner then Hall Family Farm for an evening farm visit. Count this as a bonus of having "older" kiddos that can hang later. It was so nice to knock this out when it wasn't a zoo there! 

You don't wear bright red lipstick to a farm that you just got a few hours prior?

We saw some friends of ours there and that was fun. 

She grabbed my hand on our way back from the corn maze and I loved it! Didn't know she still wanted to hold hands with her ole mama but who am I to judge?!!!

Sunday morning at the church family fun event. Good times!

Then we hung with friends to watch the panthers lose again!

A fun weekend for sure! Always good times!! Live it up! 

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