Friday, December 30, 2022

Year in Review

This is my last post of 2022! I have lots of fresh ideas that I hope to put together for my blog! I really enjoy my space here and want to honestly do more with it. Not sure if people even read blogs any more! For me, it's a place to put all of these amazing memories and to connect with others but not have the constant pressure that Instagram puts on us. Perhaps that changes one day but who knows. Thank you for being here! I've been blogging for 13.5 years and it's been wonderful. Here's to 2023 y'all! 

These 'Year in Review' posts are a way to really reflect on the year and how memorable it was! I love the recap and look forward to putting it together each year! 

January - we went to Disney World. Posts here, here, here and here

February - we got a new dock!

March - Daddy Daughter dance is always a highlight and Grady started tee ball!

June - we took a family trip to San Diego and end of June, early July wasn't great but on the mend now!

July - Molly Anne turned 7 and Garth Brooks was incredible!

August - we spent a week in OIB and had an amazing meal at Steak 48! Also, Molly Anne and Grady started school.

September - Molly Anne had her first real swim meet and I got to go with friends to a Panthers game

October - we loved OIB's oysterfest and Molly Anne had fun playing field hockey.

November - Member Guest tennis, my 40th birthday and Thanksgiving in OIB with the whole crew.

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