Monday, February 28, 2022

Weekend - Furniture and Eric Church

Our big exciting things over the weekend were:

1. We ordered all of the furniture that we picked out a couple of weeks ago from Charlie at FurnitureLand South in High Point. Expected delivery varies but around 7-10 months. Furniture is struggling with having people to make the furniture as well so it takes a lot longer. We are willing to wait because the quality over a regular store you can order from is impeccable, plus it's all custom but for reasonable pricing. And most of it is made in North Carolina. This was a long overdue order so we needed a lot of things:

 - master bed, side tables, dresser
 - Molly Anne bed
 - ottoman for our family room
 - beach house sectional (we got one by Four Seasons. We have the same sofas at home and they are top notch quality)
 - beach house outdoor sofa, rocker chairs, coffee table and side table

2. Eric Church concert...see pics below!

Friday was beautiful out so after work and school we headed to the patio at Improper Pig for dinner. They have the best grassy area and after being at school all day, the kiddos love playing and moving around. Much better than sitting at the table with us!

Caught them like this. So sweet.

We ended up seeing some friends of ours from our old neighborhood so we played with them for awhile then called it an early night. 

Saturday morning working together on something. I forget what they were even doing!

We divided and conquered early Saturday. Kevin and Grady went to get a bat and glove for his upcoming tee ball season. Molly Anne and I headed to Nordstrom to take a couple of things back and to get her some daddy daughter dance shoes! 

Then we all met back at home and swapped. I took Grady to a friend's birthday party at Charlotte Allstars and then Molly Anne had one for a friend at their house. They were both adorable!

We headed uptown with our neighbors around 5:15 for dinner reservations at Aria. We were even able to score the Chefs Table where you sit in the kitchen...kind of to the side. It's a cool experience if you've never done it!

Celebrated Hilary's birthday which is today - Happy Birthday to my sista!!! Couldn't live without her and I'm so thankful she was born!

We headed over to the arena for the Eric Church concert. 

He didn't have an opener and it said it started at 8pm. He didn't come on until 9:10pm! He played until 12:05am! Needless to say, it was a late night! But SOOO fun! We really had a great time. 

I even got to see one of my sorority sisters who I just love, Kimmy! We were chaos in college together. We both live in Charlotte but an hour away from each other. I wish I saw her more often because she's such a good friend.

I can't even describe all of the funny parts of this picture. A true classic of the four of us who have been friends for many many years. 

We love some live music together! Live music and real estate are our things! Ha. 

Church was awesome. I loved him carrying the American flag around. 

He sung These Boots and everyone holds their boots in the air!

We got home after 1am! Big night. We were zonked yesterday and it was raining so we didn't do much of anything. Played, crafts, legos, hung out, movie, games, all of the chill day things. 

Back to the grind today. I'm whipping out some projects this week. Gotta get my head on straight and jam to some 90's rap to get going. Talk soon -

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  1. So fun!!! It is nice to see things getting back to normal - I've missed live music!!