Monday, February 21, 2022

Weekend at the Beach

Well we were supposed to go to the beach on Friday after school but my littlest friend had some stomach crud last week after his buddy at school brought it to 4 friends unknowingly. By Friday he was definitely on the mend but we decided to wait an extra day to be sure everyone was going to be okay. And we were thankfully! 

Little Vitamin D is always a good idea! He never rides in the stroller anymore so this was a treat for both of us. Pushing 65 pounds around our hilly hood ha!

So glad he was better! It was a sad 18 hours for him midweek. We grilled out and laid low Friday. We decided at 8:30am Saturday that we were going to the beach. Then left at 9!

Find the puppy

Where we belong! 

Growling at algae floating down the canal. 

We got to have dinner at Oyster Rock on Saturday night. It was soooo good. Margarita, raw oysters and grouper - yessss!

The service was impeccable (thank you Robin) and the atmosphere top notch. Highly recommend but book a reservation now for April, seriously!

Potatoes au gratin didn’t have any calories!

Wearing this shirt (so comfortable, machine washable, dress up or down) and these jeans

Ha you can’t win them all!

Oyster Rock from the dock. 

Sunday morning at our fav - 59 Causeway!

Checked out the dredging project on the east end. They’re saving numerous houses that were literally in the ocean!

We walked to the beach with shovels in hand and played for awhile. Don’t worry, it wasn’t as perfect as it looked. Grady shoveled sand into the air and it ended up getting on a lady petting Mills. I took his shovel and he cried almost the entire walk home. Ahhhh! I’m leaving out a lot of parts but he knew better and did it anyway! 

Nap time for Grady and Mills!

We took them to the playground before dinner to play play play. It was super windy though. They decided to perform on stage where the concerts are on Fridays during the summer!

We headed to Inlet View for dinner last night!

Strawberry daiquiri queen! Ever since we went here with my parents and my Dad got her one of these, she has to have one every time we go to Inlet View!

Grady and I shucked steamed oysters! They were so good!

Playing on this stage when no one was there. I see a pattern! They thought it was funny to take a pic with the sign. It’s for when there’s a band on stage during the summer!


Long weekend for Molly Anne at school for Presidents’ Day today. Kevin and I do not have a holiday of course. Chat soon! 

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