Monday, September 27, 2021

Weekend Round Up

My school girl on Friday on her way out the door!

Can’t forget this character who gets to be an only child for an hour each morning after Molly Anne has gone to school and his hasn’t opened yet. 

Hilary and I picked up the girls together on Friday and they just got such a kick out of that! Kevin grabbed Grady for me so we had a big after school treat in the driveway when everyone was home. I painted their nails so they had a popsicle to let them dry afterwards. 

Then we moved next door to their driveway for a Mexican themed dinner with a few families. 

And s’mores of course. 

Saturday we went to the neighborhood pool for Emme’s 6th birthday party! It was so adorable. Her mama always goes above and beyond!

These two are a mess!

Ariel visited!

Hitting the piñata!

Make a wish! She is SIX! 

On Sunday we did this…chilled. And Kevin and I went to a funeral for his uncle. We ended the weekend having his brother over and grilling out. 

French braids overnight equals curly hair. Haha I just noticed Grady on the left of this picture. 

Happy last week of September! 

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