Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Something New To Me

Hello everyone!

It’s a rainy couple of days in Charlotte but cooler weather is coming! 

Last week I got an email from our club about a women’s beginner tennis clinic and I was like what the heck, I should do that. So I signed up and went on Friday with my old school racquet from high school! It was so.much.fun. 

I didn’t know anyone there other than the guys in charge of the clinic because they put on the children’s lessons that Molly Anne did last year. So I met some new girls, got in a semi decent workout and had a really fun time. It was good for me to do something different like this. Out of my typical comfort zone. Something I enjoyed doing, not something I felt like I had to do. 

I told Molly Anne about it and she said, “mama you didn’t know anyone but you still went and had fun? That’s so cool!”  Yep haha! 

I’m going to go back!!

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