Monday, September 20, 2021

50th Anniversary and Willie Nelson

On Friday night we attended Kevin’s parents 50th anniversary party! It was so nice! 

The children greeted everyone with leis! They are going to Hawaii for a trip, hence the Hawaii theme!

Laynie picked up the kids and the rest of the night began. Speeches, dancing, dinner, cake and all of the things! 

Thankful for such a wonderful example of love and commitment! 

We had a watercolor done of their home which they’ve lived in a majority of those 50 years! Put it in a gold frame since the traditional 50 gift is gold!

Kevin and I stayed at the club after the party ended and had a couple of drinks and listened to the band. Fun!

Saturday morning scooting! They played at home almost all day. Kevin took Molly Anne down to his parents for most of the afternoon while Grady napped. 

The four of us went to Improper Pig for dinner on Saturday and and came upon a concert that was starting. It was so fun. The band was called Party Nation out of Atlanta. 

Yesterday we went to the club for brunch then came back for naps, meal prep for the week and watching the Panthers. 

Then Kevin and I headed to the Sturgill Simpson and Willie Nelson concert. Big night for a school night! Sturgill ended up not playing and I know Kevin was disappointed. Willie was great though - 88 years old and still put on a show!

Cali sent me this cute picture of them while we were out!!

Happy Monday!