Friday, September 24, 2021

Four on Friday

Laynie went to Spain this week and we are going to miss her so much! She has picked up Molly Anne from school every day and babysat this past summer and on the weekends too. She is going to Spain for a study abroad program before she starts at Chapel Hill in the Spring. Yes, I’m going to be traumatized about life without Laynie. She helped me so much. 

She brought the kids these squishmallows and they’re adorable!! 

I do all of my peloton strength classes in my bare feet when I am in our home gym. Isn’t that weird?! Here I am Wednesday night fitting in an arms and shoulders class. Shorts // Tank 

I love the back of these tanks!

My children are both obsessed with space. Molly Anne has always liked space and planets etc. but since we were in Maryland when the rocket took off from Wallops Island, it's been to a new extreme. My Mom got them this book when we were up there in August and Molly Anne has read it cover to cover. It's a really good book. 

This is a terrible picture but how cute is this tunic and leggings?!

Grady has turned into such a cute little dude. No more baby stuff in his world. He's a little boy now! I love hearing about his days. He's grown up so much since he started in his 3's class in August. He likes to have conversations about all sorts of things. This morning he was looking at the moon (see, I told you!) and he said that it goes around and around like tractor's wheels! And every day we walk into school he has to run ahead and hold the door for everyone. 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I do all of my strength workouts in bare feet too - so if it is weird I am right there with you!!

    Space is huge in our house too - Sydney wants to be an astronaut who also teaches horseback riding and dance! We love that Nat Geo book! Usborne Kids has a number of great space-related chapter books, if you google "Usborne Kids Space Books" they all come up!