Thursday, September 9, 2021

Cardigan Central

I always feel like come October I would like a cardigan to throw on in the mornings and I can't find one because the popular ones are already sold out. Here in a round up of 5 cardigans from 5 different retailers at different price points. 

This cardigan is $32 and comes in 6 colors!

I love the color of this cardigan. A neutral without being a normal neutral if that makes sense. 

This is beautiful and also comes in 6 colors!

THE sweater blazer!

Can't ever go wrong with a classic black cardigan

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  1. Ah - to live down south! By the time October rolls around we'll have our heavy fleeces out for the mornings, haha!! This week it has been "cardigan" weather for me. I love being able to just toss it over a t-shirt and look pulled together for school drop off!