Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Beach Memories

This summer is truly hard to put into words because we had the best time in Ocean Isle. Like every weekend was the best and then the next one was better. They were all just fabulous and I'm incredibly thankful for the time we've had there as a family and with our friends. 

I wanted to write some of these down so I remember them!

1. Boogie boarding with Molly Anne. In June we rode the same wave at the same time and that was such fun for me and made me remember my days growing up at the beach as a child! We were always boogie boarding!

2. My kids love to play putt putt. We only went twice this summer - once with my Mom and once just us but they loved it both times and always want to go back. 

3. Allllll of the framily low country boils at Drew and Hilary's house.

4. Saturday morning workouts for the mamas. One Saturday morning we went to brunch and to a shop afterwards. That was good for the soul. 

5. A lady named Alice brings Molly Anne a bag of mints to every concert. It's just the cutest! Molly Anne befriended a lot of the ladies at the concerts each Friday night from the beginning of the season and they loved watching she and Grady dance every week!

6. Yes, the concerts. The setting chairs out at 5pm then going back home to eat dinner then taking the golf cart back for the music! And my super shy children dancing to the first song every single week like no one was watching!

7. Framily boat rides and the day we all hung on Monks Island for awhile, just the three families. That was good, good times. Thankful for these friendships beyond belief. The guys all like each other, the girls all like each other and all of the children get along. Hard to find but very thankful.

8. Getting to see other friends from Charlotte and Raleigh that were vacationing in OIB when we were there.

9. Any time we went to the beach, when we got to the top of the stairs at the beach access and Grady looked out to the ocean, he said almost every time, "oh wow this is so beautiful!" Adorable.

10. Playing on the water mat off our dock on the canal.

11. Kevin fishing late at night.

12. Watching the sun rise on the beach twice. Once when I was running. And another time I took Mills. 

13. Grady seeing the fire truck at every concert and the most thoughtful firemen always talking to him, giving him a sticker or a fire hat!

14. Alllllll of the sunset slush. Allllllll of it. Although I've never had a cup of it myself, we should own stock in the place after how much my children consumed this summer. 

15. The night that Kevin and I took Molly Anne to the arcade as a surprise for good behavior. My parents stayed with Grady while he was asleep.

16. My Dad chefing up the best seafood every time he's down. 

All good times!!! These are the days that we hope our children remember forever and why we bought the place!


  1. It is the little things, right?! This list is awesome and inspired me to write down our favorite family memories from our beach this summer. I know I'll treasure the list in the years to come as the kids get bigger!