Friday, September 17, 2021

Five on Friday - Soap, Soccer, Treat Basket, Quote, Rug

This apple cider soap from Target is a big win from this week! I grabbed two via drive up and I'm happier washing my hands 1,800 times a day with a little Fall in our world.

This little boy started soccer this week and he LOVES it. He had the best time and really played this time. Last Fall he didn't like it that much but this year he's all in! His new running shoes that Nannie got him have probably been his biggest motivation because he can run in them!!!

The cutest treat bucket! The kids picked out their Halloween outfits this week. Grady wants to be a digger and Molly Anne wants to be Uma from Descendents 2!

Alex Toussaint put this on Instagram from what someone else had posted and I loved it. So right!

A new rug, finally coming to our family room on Monday! It's going to change the whole look of the room and I'm so excited! I'll be sure to take pictures!

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