Friday, September 3, 2021

Five on Friday

I love my Mills! I can’t believe he is 9. Ahhh this puppy. I take him on a walk probably 3-4 times a week and he loves it so much. He can barely get up the hills at the end of the walk with all of the humidity but he lives for it. If I put my running shoes on he freaks out he is so excited!

Grady got to be Top Dog in his class on Thursday for the first time! With this title you get to be the line leader, pick a friend to have lunch with at a special table, and bring in a show and tell. Big time y’all! Molly Anne thought it was super cool because she did the same thing a few years ago when she was in this same class! 

I thought this was a cute little assignment that Molly Anne did in school last week!

My entire body is sore from a tougher than normal workout week! I’ve been fitting it in at nights after the kids are in bed. Not ideal but no other time. On the weekends I can get it done if Kevin takes the kids or during nap time but otherwise this is how it’s happening. I love the burn I’ll be honest. 

Happy long weekend!! 

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  1. As a fellow "Pelo Mom" I just gave you a follow! I'm MaggieMae1211!

    The name activity is really neat, I have never seen that one!