Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Covid World

One thing that catches my ear on most of my Peloton runs and walks is that it's a blessing to move your body because there are people that cannot. And it's incredibly true and something I don't take for granted. 

You all know I'm not a wild health nut by any means. Geez I could definitely lose 25 pounds and still be fluffy but I do try to take care of my body about 80% of the week. During the work week we eat reasonably healthy most nights. I try to exercise or do something between 3-5 days a week. I still drink wine and eat popcorn at 9pm at night. I'm not perfect. 

Getting out in the sun each day is sooooo good. There is nothing that a 20 minute walk can't cure.

All of this covid talk is great and all but when are we going to talk about eating some greenery and exercising or just plain walking around the block? When does that count for something when trying to not get or fight a virus? 

I don't talk about all of this on here much but I figure it's my space and although you may agree or disagree we can still have a healthy conversation. There's no right or wrong. You gotta do what's best for you and your situation at the end of the day. 

One other thing that prompted this little blog post was an email I got last week from the big hospital system in town - "Is Covid affecting your mental health" was the headline. Well heck yeah it is. And that day it really was. It's made me crazy at times!

Throughout all of this, Kevin and I have been on the same page and in the middle of sides and opinions. We didn't stay in a box and not go outside for 3 months. That wouldn't have been good for anyone.  But we made smart risks and decided what we thought was right. Sure we made stupid decisions at times but overall we have done what we thought was right to do for the physical, mental and emotional health of our family. 

My office closed for about 8 weeks and we've been back there since May 2020. I have my own office and it's a large space for everyone. It makes sense to be there. I like being there. It's been good to be with my people. It's healthy and the right thing for me. Do I think some people don't want to go back to their offices because they don't want to work? Yes. But that's a whole other story. I know/hope that's not the case for a majority of people. 

Yesssss I got vaccinated. Our core little group that hangs together has all been vaccinated. Heck we were some of the first ones vaccinated because we waited in lines for days on end for a leftover vaccine at a clinic at a hospital back in February. When it was clear that no one else was there to get it and all of the compromised got it before us, we were able to receive it. And several friends are in healthcare and got them in December. I'm not sure if I'm making sense but the vaccine was going to waste if we didn't get it on the last day we waited. So now you know why we had an extra good time in OIB in March and April! 

I get the vaccine debate. Some don't like it for a variety of reasons. Some were hardcore let me get the vaccine. And some were in the middle. You do you. We thought it was the right decision, and still do. I have a lot less anxiety about being with my parents, in laws and around others. For me, that was worth it. Do I think people should get vaccinated? Yes. But that's their own choice to make and one I shouldn’t judge. 

I can't even speak about if I should vaccinate my children or not because that's a whole other issue. I have a lot more mental processing to get through that. I've talked to very smart friends that feel passionate to vaccinate and some do not want to vaccinate. Also I've talked to our pediatrician. I know we will make the right decision for us when the time comes for us to make it.

Well how is this for a bunch of words on a Tuesday that you may or may not agree with?! A conversation is always a good thing. 


  1. Great post and all well said - sounds like our we are similarly aligned on a lot of things. We (my husband and I) are vaccinated and got our shots as soon as we were eligible; we've taken calculated risks that were the best for our family.

    We both work for large firms based in Boston, and neither of our offices have re-opened. I have the ability to go in whenever I would like at this time, but it is not required, our space is totally open, so it is actually much easier to work from home right now because I'm on video meetings constantly. I miss being in the office around my friends and co-workers but hope we will be back someday soon!

    The kids are a whole other issue - we are gathering all our information from our pediatrician and physician friends and family. I just have to trust that we will make the best decision when we need to!

    Phew! Starting Tuesday with a bang!!

  2. Great post Annie.

    I currently and actually always have worked from home for a large bank in the midwest. I personally have chosen to not be vaccinated. I have many health issues and I worry that the vaccine will make me so sick that I may have to be hospitalized to deal with the side effects. Unfortunately, because of the current president (king) it appears that my choice is going to be taken away from me. I have followed all of the rules and guidelines. I have stayed home, limited my interactions, etc. I haven't been sick or in the hospital in the past 16 months (except when I've needed my medical treatments - needed those pre-covid). So I feel angry, sad, and is my rights are being taken away. Will I try to get the first vaccine? I'm still not sure. I am waiting to see if my employer will approve my medical request to not be vaccinated. If not, I guess they'll be paying the medical bills when I end up in the hospital! :(
    Now, I will step off of my soap box. I hope you guys have a great rest of September and the true start to Fall! 🎃

  3. I can't speak to the school/kids issues as I don't have children of my own but I imagine balancing that is a challenge and applaud all parents for not getting locked up in an insane asylum!

    As far as not wanting to go back to the office = not wanting to work period... I don't think that's an accurate correlation. I think seeing things in our entire world get incredibly dire has made a lot of people (myself included) reevaluate what's important. And I don't think sitting in my car commuting is a great use of my time! I actually start work earlier (and a heck of a lot less cranky) because I'm not fussing with what to wear, dealing with traffic, etc. Here is where I acknowledge that I have a decent WFH set up and if I were to go back to the office I'd be in a completely open concept room with a bunch of people and we'd need to be masked up all day. Pass! People want fair working conditions, a living wage, and benefits. I enjoy what I do but let's be real: enjoyment and love for the game doesn't pay the bills. People need money to survive and it's naive of employers to be upset when people bounce for a new opportunity that enables people to better themselves financially and have some sanity. That's capitalism, baby.

    I was laid off last year (#covidcasualty) and busted my butt to find a new role. It was demoralizing and hard and there were a ton of people out there like me doing our best to get back to work. By dumb luck a former manager had an opening at his new company and reached out and I've been incredibly grateful for the opportunity. We have another opening on our team and I am inundated with resumes; people are motivated to work and my only complaint is that I can't hire all of them because I'm seeing qualified, motivated individuals who just need someone to give them a break.

    My parents had me vaccinated for everything available and I get a flu shot every year. Heck yes I got the vaccine, and I am grateful that it was available and my side effects were brief and did not exacerbate my asthma and respiratory issues. And the reason we don't talk about a brisk walk and a salad as a way to combat this virus is because that's not how treating this virus works. (Plus I seem to recall a former FLOTUS trying to start a campaign around these concepts and was told to quit telling people how to raise their kids so even if that was the way to beat this virus I think a lot of people would ignore it.) Obviously staying active and good nutrition are ideal, but health is so much more than "doing the right thing." Environmental and genetic factors come into play not to mention economic factors. Hard to tell someone working 3 jobs and dealing with food insecurity to hit the gym and buy organic.

    Wow is this comment as long as your post? Lol. God bless if you actually read this whole thing and thanks for listening!

  4. I was a wee bit nervous to see where you were going here as my husband is an er doc so we see the worst of the pandemic everyday. We actually are in agreement on everything you said! I also got vaccinated super early due to some doses that were going to be wasted. I also completely agree, we really need to prioritize healthy eating and exercise! And promoting those behaviors to children, too.
    Also don’t think anyone can expect perfection in safe COVID behavior, we try to do our best, but not sending our toddler to school was a no go, and we have gone out to eat some too!

    1. Thank you for your note and for the difference your husband is making in people’s lives!