Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Speech, Brunch, Swim

Wow September 1st! Hard to believe!

Ahh this week feels like a breeze compared to last week. What a circus that was.

Grady has been having issues with croup, choking, drooling and congestion junk really since he’s been born. He’s seen our friend that is an ENT before but he was little so Kevin and I felt like he needed to be seen again after a few things had been going on. 

We did that last Tuesday and it was traumatizing to him as he scoped up his nose and down his throat. Of course Grady wouldn’t let him numb it first so he just had to go for it. It was pretty awful restraining him but it had to be done. Moral of the story is that other than some crud which he’s now on an antibiotic for, is that we need to do some further testing. So that’s happening later in September at the children’s hospital here. 

I also wanted him to be evaluated for speech articulation to rule any of that out. We did that on Monday and he passed that test. Anyway, more to come but didn’t know if anyone else was in the same boat and this could be somewhat helpful. Not all rainbows and butterflies over here in case you thought it was!

Hilary had this in her fridge and so the next day you know I had to do a Target Drive Up for it! Yum!

Margot hosted a boohoo yahoo brunch on Monday which was the true start of school for all of our kindergarten friends. It was so much fun to get together and chat about the first week and their amazing school! The children are all in school together. 

Molly Anne’s teacher sent this to Hilary and I this week! So fun! 

Two proud grandparents and an extra proud Poppa when he saw Grady using a functioning toy drill to screw some pieces into a tractor! This toy is so wonderful to work on those fine motor skills!

Grady was cracking me up walking into swim class yesterday like he was a big boy! 

Happy Wednesday! We have one of our brokers in town and will be hammering out some work today!

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  1. I'm sorry about the Drs visit with Grady - never fun to have to hold them down but when it has to be done it has to be done. The picture of him walking into swim is too funny!!