Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Random Wednesday

Let’s see. What’s going on this week? I have zero meal plan. No help after school with Molly Anne so Kevin and I are winging that. Problems with every one of my projects at work. Living the dream y’all. It could always be worse. 

Tuesdays are PE days at school. They were thrilled to wear their “running shoes” and Molly Anne tied hers finally! Bella taught her how this past summer! Now I’m working with Grady on how to put on his own socks! 

Grady in swim class with Kathryn! He’s quite comfortable with her! He walks in there like he owns the place.

Picked up the framed photo of Grady when he was 2.5. Aren’t they cute at the same age? I’ll hang them and post better pictures soon!

Hilary told me that Maggie has her own alarm that wakes her up on school mornings. I was like genius! Molly Anne now loves setting her own alarm (on Alexa of course) and getting up and dressed by herself…in the outfit I put out for her the night before. It’s pretty amazing I must say. She pops right up versus moaning about having to get up so early when I go in and rub her back to wake her up! 

Hope everyone is have a good week so far! 

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