Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

Well it was a big weekend at the beach for Labor Day! We pulled Molly Anne out a couple hours early so she only missed one subject and art class but we were able to get down there at a decent hour. 

First up the concert! The Extraordinaires were such a good band and they even played an extra 45 minutes. It was a good time and allll of our beach friends were there! Lots of cover songs and good times. 

There's Grady getting down with it.

Sunset slush of course.

Alex and Grady

Saturday morning the four of us girls worked out. We did a 30 min HIIT cardio from the peloton app then someone had a genius idea of running to the end of the street and back which was a mile and they ran so fast!!

Then we went on both boats over to Monks Island and hung out for the day! Grady LOVES going on their boats. 

With her "godmother!"

These two randomly showed up wearing the same outfit and cast net in hand!

Kissing the fish before she fileted that bad boy! It was delicious! Now she can filet a fish for the record!

Saturday night was dinner at Hilary and Drews - appetizers for the football games. Everyone brought a couple and it was fun to do that. And easy! I took Buffalo Chicken Dip and the sausage, cream cheese rotel dip

Sunday morning I was up super early so I took Mills to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was incredible. If you've never been on the beach for a sunrise, do it the first chance you get. Trust me. It's amazing. 

Grady and I watched the boats go by then we decided to go fishing off our dock.

We only got one minnow out of the cast net and a couple bites on the fishing rod! Still had fun. I like fishing!

Then we headed to the arcade. My kids LOVE the arcade. Honestly it's a huge waste of money (like the $20 ice cream popper and bouncy ball they got?) but the joy they get is what makes it worth it. I remember my brother and I going to the arcade at the beach growing up and we loved it so much. 

They loved racing these cars! Grady beat her twice with a little Mama help the second time!

Then Molly Anne and I joined everyone on the beach while Grady napped at home with Kevin. He can swing one day without a nap but not two days in a row. He didn't take one when we were out on the boat all day. Plus he goes to bed later than 7pm too so at some point the boy has to sleep!

We had a big game of soccer going on out there. Adults versus kids and we ALL played. It was such a good time. These are the memories yall. Thankful for them. 

Sunset slush on the beach. 

Ariel and Steve hosted Sunday night and they did a low country boil. We all contribute or bring sides or whatever. It always works out. They have such a pretty view from their house. 

Monday morning Kevin and I took the kids to the beach for an hour or two before we hit the road. It's always such a nice way to wrap up the weekend. Plus Grady will sleep for almost three hours on the way home so it feels like we are knocking out two birds with one stone! Everyone was happy!

Two Gradys! Two Gradys! He loves messing with his shadow and running in and out of the water.  We walked about a mile down to the pier and back!

Now, back to reality!!

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