Monday, June 21, 2021

Weekend at the Beach

I promise we aren't going to start living at the beach but to go two weekends in a row was such a treat. We were down there by ourselves this weekend but we got to see some friends that also happened to be in town too. 

We cruised down on Thursday night after Molly Anne's swim meet so we got there at 11pm - yikes! We had both kids already bathed and in pajamas so we just moved Grady right to his bed and Molly Anne went to bed super late after "closing her eyes" the whole way down and not doing anything else. If you're counting, I woke up in DC that morning, flew back into CLT then took Molly Anne to a swim meet then we drove a bit over 3 hours to the beach. Yes, barely alive.

Good morning from our back porch!

We spent most of the day down at the east end with my friend Julie and her family. Her oldest daughter Natalie and Molly Anne were in the 3's class together but we've stayed in touch. Grady's obviously obsessed with the Beach Patrol's 4-wheelers!

We headed home so Grady could nap from about 2-4 before we went to the concert that night. Ocean Isle does free family concerts at their main town play area and stage every Friday night all summer. They are SO fun. This past Friday the Band of Oz played. 

The girls got some bags for making donations to a local charity. I love that they give back during the concert too!

Julie and I and the boys we never thought we'd have ha! Silly gooses!

After the concert we stopped by our friend's house and he gave Grady an official The Godson shirt! Hilarious and awesome! 

They have the best view from their porch! That's the intracoastal waterway right there. 

Saturday we had a family beach day then went to Inlet View for dinner. 

It was a 45 minute wait for a table and we got there at 5pm yikes. But the view from our table was pretty!

We took the kids go-karting after dinner! Kevin and Molly Anne beat Grady and I! And rubbed it in the rest of the weekend. Kevin knows I don't like to lose. Wait til the next time!!  Good ole family fun!

Note to self - don't wear a dress go-karting haha!

For Father's Day we hung around the house on a rainy morning and got the house back in order before we left midday. We came home, had a quick turnaround and met up with Kevin's side of the fam for a Father's Day/birthday dinner at Margaritas!

She was sooooo excited to give him the unicorn mug that she made him back in April! It was so sweet!

WHEW, what a week! 

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  1. We had friends with kids in town this past weekend, and we had a TWO HOUR dinner wait, at 5:15 pm ... unimpressed.