Friday, June 11, 2021

First Swim Meet

Molly Anne had her first swim meet last night after storms canceled Monday night’s race. She only swam in one event as a shrimper (age 6 and under), the 25 yard freestyle, and she did awesome. Her time was 30:93 seconds which put her in 4th out of 15! We were so proud of her! The winner was 27 seconds…tight race!!

Right after I showed him the American flag and how you put your hand over your heart as the National Anthem plays. He stood there until the song started like a statue! Then listened as he should. Good boy! 

Ready to take off!

Almost was the heat winner but the girl that got first overall (she was from our team) was in first. So excited for her too!

Molly Anne and Maggie cheering on their friends!

Part of swim meets are the treats ha!

Kevin took Grady home for bed after Molly Anne swam but I had to volunteer the second shift so she and I stayed until the end. Fun night!!

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