Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Molly Anne’s 6th Birthday Party - My Little Pony

Molly Anne wanted a My Little Pony party for her 6th birthday! She used to be obsessed with MLP but then phased out and randomly it’s back so I’m going with it! Whatever she likes!

A few weeks ago she and I went over to Publix to pick out her cake and balloons. She loved doing that. 

She wanted the party at My Gym. They did a gymnastics theme and had fun with the big kid theme!

She just had a few neighborhood friends, a few school friends and a friend from her old school. It was 10 girls, all the same age and the perfect size party. They loved it. 

She picked out her own outfit to wear so who knows why she chose to wear her old (too small) daddy daughter dance dress to a gym party but it was her day so whatever floats her boat!! She felt special and that’s all that matters!

She had been counting down to this day since last year!! She loved her birthday!!

For favors I grabbed these bagsnail polish  pez dispensers and water guns because she loves those right now in the pool! All of the tableware I got from Amazon here

My girl with the balloons she picked out!

Excited to open all of her presents! I remember being her age and sooooo excited for my birthday each year! She is too!

When you get Skip Bo for your birthday and you’re sooo excited!

She got so many nice and fun things! I’m so glad she had a great day celebrating with her friends!

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