Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pool and Beach Essentials

You don't even know you need Dock & Bay beach towels until you put them in your beach or pool bag and they barely take up any room. Then you use them to dry off and they take the water right off. And then dry super quickly. Amazingness. We have three of the XL. I probably should get a couple smaller ones for the kids but they use these too. You can find these on Amazon too but looks like XL is sold out.

The only goggles that don't fog up, don't let water in and that Molly Anne says are comfortable. Note - replace the nose piece that comes on them with the smallest nosepiece in the little baggie that comes with the goggles. This makes them become sized for a 4-6 year old. Lots of different sizes in there for whatever size you need. 

Sun bum chapstick is sooooo good. I leave one in my car and use it when I'm driving all over creation. The spray sunscreen is the only one Molly Anne likes when I reapply it on the beach. It smells good and doesn't burn her skin.

My hat  - I know yall like my hat. Come on! It's perfect for the pool or beach and keeps the sun off your face. Get a straw hat! I'll ask Kevin to take a picture of me in mine when I get back to the beach. They're fun.

Melissa and Doug cupcake set - my kids LOVE this. Our friends have it and it's always a highlight!

This is the deal - I've been married to my Lands End Pool bag (extra large, with long straps and zip top) for a long time and I really do love it for the pool. As you can see in the below picture, it's been very well used. It fits everything, has interior pockets and is just easy to carry. When we got the beach place, I knew I had to find a bag that could tolerate sand better. I happened to already have this XL Scout bag but wasn't using it and it's the perfect beach bag. I can hose the sand right out. I do have to add other interior pouches for both of these because I like to have sunscreen in a pouch, diapers/wipes in another one etc etc. But I love these two bags in case you're on the hunt for one.

I put my shoe in front of it so you could see how big it is!


  1. do you know what pool/beach hat Kevin uses? My husbands looking for one and I need suggestions!

  2. Kevin typically wears a baseball style hat but I've seen a lot of guys wearing hats like the one I posted too! :)