Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello everyone! 

Let it be known that these pictures are deceiving. Grady was sick all weekend and it wasn't a fun weekend for him. Kevin's parents, Kevin and Grady went to the beach on Thursday after he had a fever Wednesday night. I had him quickly checked at the pediatrician on Thursday morning before they left and nothing was wrong...but it was early in his fever. And honestly I wouldn't have taken him if we weren't going to the beach for a long weekend but figured it was worth an ear check. Anyway, they headed down because it was the same for him being here as it was there. 

Molly Anne and I joined them on Friday but we had to wait until her last day of school was over. We got out of town around 2:15pm and didn't get to Ocean Isle until almost 7pm. Soooo much traffic. In the meantime, Kevin had to take Grady to urgent care because his fever kept getting super high even with meds. They ran allll of the tests and they were all negative. So we just rode it out and kept him very low key all weekend. 

Kevin and I took Molly Anne to the playground on Friday night after the concert ended and there were tons of people there. Got to see several different friends which was a big treat. Molly Anne and Eloise, my coworker's daughter!

Saturday morning he was feeling good so I took the kids and Mills to the beach for about 45 minutes while it wasn't a thousand degrees. 

This nutcase..!

We went on lots of golf cart rides to pass the time.

Did some swinging at the bottom of our house. 

On Saturday during the day, Kevin, his parents and Molly Anne went to the beach. Here's a pic during naptime on the back porch with a high noon, my tunes and scrolling my phone. It was glorious!! Kevin's parents came back and we hung on the back porch for awhile chit chatting and catching up which was nice!  Crab acrylic glasses via my friend Sarah!


Little buddy boy watching some blippi.

My flag ... without the blueberries I forgot!!

Grady and I took the golf cart over to Sharky's for carry out - grouper, garlic mashed potatoes and salad. My buddy from work, his wife and little girl came over to play for a little bit too. 

After dinner fishing! Kevin's parents, he and Molly Anne went to Jink's for dinner!

Kevin and I got to ride over to Hilary and Drew's for some porch cocktails. Good times. 

Sunday morning he was perky and had better coloring in his face. 

I went and ran a couple miles with my friend Suz who was down. She and I went to college together and were in the same sorority!

Kevin's parents went back to Charlotte to beat the traffic and then I took these two to Sunset Slush after nap. 

We hung around the house.  Then Kevin and Molly Anne went to dinner and Grady and I chilled. 

Got 5 crabs out of the crab trap, put one back because it was so small and we steamed the rest for dinner!

Molly Anne loved the crabmeat. She has had it every summer basically her whole life but I always wonder if she'll lose the taste for it. We didn't steam them until after Grady went to bed so he didn't get to try them but he will next time.

Molly Anne and I went on a sunset walk on the beach with Mills and that's the time to be out there. It was gorgeous!

We took Mills out on the beach again yesterday morning then we hit the road around noon to come back home. Until next time. 

About to head home and this boy had his hat on backwards and was playing it cool.

Home. Thankful for those that gave their lives for our freedom. Thankfully my 5 year old knows the reason behind this long weekend and Memorial Day. We have talked about it many, many times and she is well aware of how fortunate we are to live in America. 

Meal prep for kabobs tomorrow night. I have to do this stuff on Sunday or we will never eat real meals during the week. We had burgers, corn and caprese salad last night. Steak kabobs tonight. Mexican tomorrow night. And that's as far as I've gotten!


  1. Did you guys wake up Sunday morning to like, FREEZING temps!? It was in the 50s!! Crazy. We did kabobs Monday night, and they were SO good. It had been awhile.

  2. Looks like it was a great weekend, despite poor Grady's fever! Our weather up north was FREEZING cold and rain - not the way to kick off summer!