Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Let’s just say this, I’m not an Olympian. But I do like to play sports and exercise! I like the challenge - it helps me mentally and physically. Over the years how I make that happen has changed a lot so I thought it’d be fun to discuss here today. 

Growing up my parents put me in ALL of the sports. It’s funny because I’m now in that mode with Molly Anne. Expose her to everything and see what she likes. Now that she’s done some team sports I have to buy the team picture and write names on the back so when she’s a professional swimmer she can look back and remember her first swim team! ;) Things my parents did that I still have in my room at home ha!

Anyway, I played basketball, tennis, softball, golf and volleyball in elementary and middle school. I also ran with my Dad a lot. Basketball and softball became my sports so I played those my freshman year of high school. Then I was “recruited” by some girls to play lacrosse and field hockey instead which I liked a lot better. During the winter season I’d go to the YMCA and pretend to work out to stay in shape…I also played indoor lacrosse! Field Hockey was in the Fall and Lacrosse was in the Spring at my high school. I played both of those until I graduated. At NC State I helped start the club lacrosse team. It was so fun. 

After I graduated I still ran to stay in shape. I always thought I had to majorly sweat and run 5 miles for it to be a real workout. Also I started going to Flywheel for cycling classes in 2014ish. And yes those were real workouts! Then I got my peloton in November 2018 about 6 months after I had Grady. I enjoy cycling a lot and it kicks my tail because I take classes that are challenging for me. 

Last March when corona started I began to lift some weights (more regularly than when I was at the YMCA in high school!!). I started this with doing some strength classes on the peloton app. My friends Kelly and Nina say you don’t have to sweat like a horse for every workout! I’m still working on learning that! But some nights I enjoy just doing a couple strength classes or one of those then a walk around the hood. Or whatever! It’s fun to mix it up. 

And of course I still like a serious sweat session. These days I’m not running 5 miles when I run. It’s more like 3 but I’m fine with that. I know I go in phases and I don’t want to get burnt out on anything. I haven’t been riding my peloton as much. Sort of because I was tired of it, sort of because I just have felt like walking or doing strength and sort of because I haven’t had a ton of time. I still ride but not 2-3 times a week. 

Anyway that’s where I am. 

How do I fit it in? If I work from home, I’ll pop on my bike during the lunch hour. If I take Molly Anne to dance, I’ll leave Grady with Kevin and go run in a nearby neighborhood. If I actually go to bed at a decent hour I’ll get up in the morning. If I had a longggg day at work, I’ll jump on the bike or go for a walk after the kids are in bed. I exercise on the weekends when Grady naps sometimes. I have no set schedule. I legit do it when I have a small block of time. It adds up is what I tell myself at least. My measure for myself is if I can go run 3 miles in 30 min in my very hilly neighborhood, I’m gonna be okay. I’m very thankful to be able to MOVE. 

Now I just have to quit eating popcorn at night!!!

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  1. My parents took the same approach with us growing up, and now we are in the same mode with my oldest - give her all the options and see what sticks!

    I LOVE my Peloton, it make such a difference in trying to squeeze in a workout with the kids and work. I am just getting back into running after having my second baby. It is harder than it used to be but worth it!!