Friday, June 25, 2021

Swim Swim

This has been a super busy week of swim meets (3 of them) and a ton of work stuff. Thought it’d be fun to share some pictures. 

These flowers are gorgeous so we stopped to take a picture!

We swam against our club on Wednesday night and Grady’s little girlfriend Erin from school was there! They were so cute together!

My most proud moment - looking from the opposite end of the pool and seeing Molly Anne and Greer doing the right thing. The national anthem was playing and they stood there with their hand over their hearts and looking at the flag. Not all of the kids were doing this and I was just so proud. I hadn’t reminded Molly Anne or anything…she just knew. 

Taking four little blue eyed blondies to Viral Superstar camp at Steps in Motion this week and to school! 

Bella took Molly Anne out for an early birthday celebration yesterday. She picked her up from camp and they got chick fil a and headed to the playground. Bella had gotten her an unicorn cake pop and a couple gifts. It was so thoughtful and cute! 

The boys chilling before the swim meet!

And she finally got a heat winner ribbon! In backstroke 25m! She has worked hard for this and I’m so proud of her. There are some really good swimmers on our team in her age group. Woohooo Molly Anne!

Maggie got it in her backstroke heat too!

What the swim meets are all about right here! Hanging with friends!

Nana and PapaG came to watch her swim!

Well deserved snow cone! Highlight of her life. 

Silly girlies!

Happy Friday to you! We have some early birthday celebrations going on this weekend!!

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