Monday, June 14, 2021

Beach Weekend

Oh boy, I already wrote this blogpost then the text didn’t save. Good times! 

Friday midday we picked Molly Anne up from her last day of Lacrosse Camp at Charlotte Latin! She had the best week and learned so much! Their facilities are amazing and she loved the coaches. 

We headed straight to the beach and arrived in time for a thunderstorm! We were still able to go to the concert that they have every Friday! This week’s band was Continental Divide from Charlotte. Good beach music and lots of people! 

My shy children danced the night away front and center!!! 

Molly Anne ended up on stage! She loved it. 

Back home and ice cream on the back porch. Anything better?!!

We stayed up late with some new friends hanging around a solo stove that we were given by someone special!

Saturday morning we headed to the beach pretty early so we got in some good time out there before the storms rolled in. We ended up staying until 2 ish. Our next door neighbors from home and us hung together out there. The kids had a blast. 

Molly Anne’s adorable bathing suit is on sale!

While we were having nap and quiet time, Kevin caught a fish off our dock! Look how huge it is!!! Not hahah but we all got a good laugh then he threw him back in!

Apps and fruit to take to our friend’s house for dinner. They grilled hamburgers, dogs and brats. It was an easy beach dinner. The kids ran wild even more then we hit the bed around 9pm!  Still love these cute dishwasher safe platters. Fish // Oval (both on sale)

Then my phone died at their house. So I lived 22 hours with no phone, iPad, computer or any device. It almost killed me!! So ridiculous right?!!

We got up Sunday morning and took the golf cart to 59 Causeway and finally got to show Kevin what I’ve been raving about! He loved it too. We sat on the back deck to eat and watched the boats. 

Stopped by the playground on the way home then got ready for a few hours on the beach. Kevin stayed with them out there while I drove to try to get my phone fixed. Don’t even get me started on how dysfunctional the pretend Verizon store in Shallotte is. Don’t even waste your time going. Ha! 

We left around 1:30 to head back to Charlotte and went to a real store and they bandaid fixed my phone in 20 min! And they did it while we ate dinner next door. It was a dream. Then I came home and ordered a new phone because mine has bitten the dust. Getting it today from the Apple store! Nothing like $1,500 to spend on a new phone ugh!! They’re so expensive. But I’m literally on my phone for 8 hours a day so it is necessary. 

We did decide that 1:30 is the perfect time for us to leave the beach. The kids had already been fed. They got a ton of energy out on the beach. Grady was overdue for his nap so we knew he’d sleep for a majority of the 3 hours. We made it back in time for dinner here. All good things! We’ve been testing out when to leave to come back and so far this is our favorite. 

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. Phones dying is so stressful, especially if you have your work email, etc. tied to your personal phone. I had migrated everything to one phone and of course it always has issues at the worst time!

    We live at the beach but in the winter we find that the 1:30 time slot is perfect to leave the mountains to make the trek back home. Everyone can chill out in the car and get home without being totally overtired and in melt down mode!