Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Last week was ROUGH. I’m just getting killed at work and you know how sometimes it feels like no one understands or cares? Yep that’s how it’s been. I have 5 or 6 times the number of projects that I typically have. My brain hurts at the end of each day then I come home and play mama. Kevin has been super helpful and my friends have definitely helped me out on swapping kids around etc. We are all in it together but whew. I’m just toast and I don’t know how it gets better at work. I also had zero time to exercise so that also did not make me a nice person. If I don’t do something a few times a week I’m not a happy camper!! But this is a new week and after a good ole complaining/venting session with my mom (who always understands) yesterday, all is good. 


I got these shorts on Friday when Molly Anne and I slipped into Athleta to pick up some white shorts that I had ordered online. I tried the white ones on when I was there and didn’t like them. So when I started talking to one of the sales ladies she told me to try these on. Typically I wear 4” shorts but these feel like it because of how they’re cut. I love the higher waistband and how it’s smooth. Always good to go into the stores and ask for help! I don’t do it nearly enough but should!

After I did a strength workout on the peloton app. Yep I typically do them barefoot. Also wearing this tank and this sports bra. Both favs. 

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