Friday, June 18, 2021

Six on Friday

She asked to sleep in French braids so her hair would be curly the next day!

And it was so pretty!

My kid’s favorite snack at Grady’s school and Molly Anne’s old school. So I bought a bag at Target and I cannot stop. 

Lacrosse girl! The Maryland in me loves that she loves playing. Not pushing her at all but Molly Anne - no pressure to play like Mama!! ;)

When you love cheese and your dinner isn’t being made fast enough. I love his little legs crossed! 

Had a quick work trip to northern Virginia this week. Stayed at the Hilton in old town Alexandria. We went out for Mexican after our night meeting and after we left there we heard loud music so walked towards it. These people were raging with a DJ for no apparent reason down by the water. It was awesome!

The next morning I ran back down there and checked out the sights in the daylight. So pretty! I love all of the shops on King Street … they’re so cute. 

Felt good to get back into the swing of work travel and not hearing Mamaaaaa 800 times a day!!! I did miss them so much though. 

Grady started water play at his school this week. They’ll do it every Tuesday all summer. It’s such a fun thing that the school does for them each year!

Happy Father’s Day weekend!!

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