Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mid-week Update

Thought I'd come at yall with some randoms today!

1. Molly Anne read 4 chapter books last weekend then another one on Monday. She is addicted. She read all of the Princess in Black series again and then is on her second Unicorn Diaries. She also started a bigger girl book about a golden retriever. She is reading after we tell her goodnight and staying up late doing it. It's something I hate to tell her not to do but she does need her sleep too!

2. Speaking of sleep, I have gotten the kids back into summer sleeping and they get up after 7:15am now. Molly Anne got up at 6:15/6:30a for school and sometimes Grady would hear us and wake up. I'm glad they're both back into the after 7 routine now that school is out. I had to wake Molly Anne up yesterday at 7:45am so we weren't late to camp!

3. Grady is basically potty trained and it all started last Wednesday the 3rd and he's been a champ. I'm a big believer on waiting until age 3 because it comes so much easier and there are less issues. Both of my kids I trained right after their third birthday and it was relatively easy. Gosh I trained Molly Anne while I was holding Grady and giving him a bottle at the same time. Good times friends, good times.

4. This one loves going to the dentist to see Dr. Dunlap at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. It is a mutual love and she is the very best. Did I tell you all that after Grady saw her for his first visit in February she mentioned to him to stop sucking his thumb at bedtime and he has not stuck his thumb in his mouth ever again?! It was wild. She didn't harp on him about it, she just told him to stop doing it in a nice way and he did! I loved giving her that report when we saw her on Friday! Whatever she did with him worked!!

5. This whole summer schedule is honestly kind of killing me with having Molly Anne at home plus swim team. I know swim team is only temporary but whew. And not having full time childcare is TOUGH! Kevin and I are winging it and not very well. Having a full time nanny would make a lot more sense if we weren't also paying for full time day care for Grady (which we can’t get out of or we’d lose our spot for August). I think when they're both in elementary it'll be a lot easier. Three more summers and counting. 

6.  Grady is three now and that boy is testing the limits in a big way these days. It’s like he magically turned three and it happened. When Molly Anne was 3.5 I had to do a reward chart for her. I see it coming in our future again this time for Grady!! As of now he thinks he can crank out a smile and get out of any situation. Yikes!!


  1. My daughter LOVED the Unicorn Academy books! I believe you have mentioned Molly Anne's love for engineering and science in the past - I would recommend the "Ellie Engineer" series (3 books) and the Zoey and Sassafras series (7 books). They were both very cute and a great balance for unicorn, glitter loving ladies who also love STEM!

    1. Ahhh thank you so much!!! Will grab these for her birthday!! Also, thank you for all of your sweet comments today! :)