Monday, February 26, 2018

Neighbors and Soccer

Monday, Monday.

Well I'll recap our little weekend for you all.  

Friday night we headed over to the playground with some friends.  Molly Anne is over there with a bunch of neighborhood boys right in the middle.  See her?  Thankfully the boys had left by the time Kevin got there because I'm sure he would have been real impressed ha!

Playing with some girlfriends!

We went home about 5:30pm for dinner and literally threw some hot dogs over the fence to our next door neighbors who were already grilling out so we joined them.  

Molly Anne and I went home so I could give her a bath and put her in bed but before that we had a little outdoor music contest to see whose music was louder.  They won!  They have a bunch of yard speakers that sound amazing.  Now we have to get some yard speakers so we can be louder than Drew's!  Neighborly fun!  

Kevin and Drew came over to our house and I went back to Hilary's for some more beverages while the girls were all in bed for the night.  This was the first of many nights like this I bet.  Thankful to have super cool friends right next door!

Saturday morning was the first soccer session of Spring 2018!  Molly Anne was so excited and really got into it this time.  She has Coach Shana again so she was thrilled to tell her about her big girl bed ha!  Ya know, beds and soccer go hand in hand!

She remembered the airplane move right away and showed everyone right when Coach Shana mentioned it! ;)

Double high five for scoring a goal when it wasn't her turn!

Hector also came to the house on Saturday morning and helped us out so much.  He moved carpet remnants to the 3rd floor and laid those out, he took curtain rods down, put new ones up in several places, nailed an anchor into brick, hung a ton of pictures inside and looked at some shelving we may have him do in the garage.  He is the best.  Thank you Christina, April and Sarah for the rec!  We've had him do stuff on rental houses before but never ours so this was a huge treat! 

Nap time well spent on Sunday....

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We ended the weekend by grilling out again.  Kevin made burgers and we had pineapple and roasted brussels sprouts on the side.  Tonight we are having a frozen chicken parm from Sam's Club (first time so we'll see how it is) and we also have taco salads on the menu again this week.  


  1. Man, I would have be pissed listening to two of my neighbors having a loudness fight with their outdoor speakers

  2. Soccer looks like so much fun! I can't wait for Annalee to play... they have to be 3 here, so we're counting down the days until summer. Love the nap time fun - so cute. Where did you get her bedding? We have the same sheets... but I haven't been able to find some simple bedding to match!

  3. Did you know the neighbors before you moved in? That's awesome they are so cool and fun!