Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Great/Cute Deals for Molly Anne and I!

I wish I didn't love clothes for Molly Anne so much but I really do!  I have taken inventory of what she has for this Spring and Summer so now at least I know what she NEEDS versus just stuff I like and have to buy.  I'm really only getting her things she needs!

I fell in love with this bathing suit for her!  It's free shipping and 20% so my total was $21!

I had gotten her this one last Fall.  She will have THE cutest bathing suits for hanging at the pool all summer long.  Cannot wait to get back to the pool!  Girlfriend lives for it!

I also picked these white jeans up for her.  She always wants to be just like me and I wear mine a lot so she will love to have a new pair in a size that fits her for this year! 

She is VERY into dresses right now and since it's been in the 60's and 70's in Charlotte, she's wearing a ton of the 3/4 length sleeve dresses!  I'm thinking about getting her one or two of these Lilly ones.  They will last her into the Fall and she wears them really often.  She only has three dresses right now that fit her so they have been on repeat.  At least I know these are good quality!

I got this dress last weekend at Old Navy for $7.  I can't find it for that cheap online for some reason but their deals are different depending on if you're in store or online.  I got the Tall version even though I'm 5'7" so I could wear it to work.  It is the perfect shift dress and flattering, comes right to an 1" or so above my knees.  I have trouble with the swing dresses sometimes because they look like a bag on me, depending on where they are from.  This was a complete score, looks like J. Crew or Talbots....for so much cheaper!


  1. Ahh emme has that baby gap one, too! Twinsies by the pool this year!

  2. That's a great deal on the ON dress! I have the same issue with their swing dresses too, but the shift dress works great for me! It's cut that it still has some shape but is forgiving in the tummy. What a great buy! Also, I adore the things you picked up for MA. I'm obsessed with buying for SC too. Everything is just so darn cute!

  3. Great clothes! I love how you dress her. I have that ON dress in stripes and it's great for work. I've been finding good things at ON this season!