Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine’s Night

Molly Anne had her party at Ms. Becky’s late yesterday afternoon and Kevin and I both went.  She was so excited when we walked in together. Screamed “mommy daddy!”  When we got home, it was so nice outside we played for a little while.  She loved getting a card from Nana and PapaG.  

The king. 

She wanted allll the candy from Mickey!  

I always tell Kevin not to waste money on flowers on Valentine’s Day but he went to a local florist yesterday who is  one of his clients and picked these up.  They’re pretty and he knows I love snap dragons.  

Hope everyone had a nice day!  


  1. Where did you get that vase? I love it!

  2. So pretty! What a sweet Valentine’s Day!

  3. That flowers are so pretty!!! Happy Valentines Day!